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Company Audition FAQs

I cannot attend one of the open company auditions.  What should I do?

We appreciate the time and expense necessary for dancers to travel during audition season so first consideration is given to those actually attending our open auditions.  If you are not able to attend, you may send us your resume, dance photo, and DVD.  If there are still positions to fill following our open auditions we may review any additional materials received at that time.  


Can I schedule a company class audition?

Company class auditions are reserved for professionals with a current full-time company contract that would preclude their attendance at an open audition.  Scheduling can be challenging as they are subject to the availability of the Artistic Director so all dancers interested in auditioning for Ballet Austin are encouraged to attend one of the open auditions.


Can my resume and DVD be reviewed before I decide to attend an audition?

Given the volume of materials received, Ballet Austin artistic staff is not able to pre-view audition materials to determine appropriate candidates for auditions.  All dancers interested in Ballet Austin are encouraged to attend one of the open auditions.


Can I be considered for Ballet Austin II (Ballet Austin’s apprentice company) at a company audition? 

Yes, unless you specify that you are only interested in a company position on the audition check-in form, all age appropriate candidates are also evaluated for Ballet Austin’s summer intensive program from which all apprentices and trainees are recruited.


I auditioned for the company but received a letter regarding Ballet Austin’s Summer Intensive program.  Why? 

Because open company auditions include dancers 18 and older, all age appropriate candidates are also evaluated for further review in our summer program.  An invitation to the summer intensive would not necessarily affect your consideration for a company position.  At least 3 weeks of Ballet Austin’s summer intensive program is required, however, for consideration in either our apprentice or Butler Fellowship programs at Ballet Austin. 


When will I know my audition results?

Invitations to the summer intensive program are usually mailed and/or emailed within 7-10 days of the audition date.  Notification regarding company positions is usually delayed until decisions are finalized following the last open audition.  Registration for the summer intensive would not affect your consideration for a company position.


Is there a height requirement for company dancers?

There is no specific height requirement for dancers attending auditions though the height range of the current company members is a consideration in decision-making.


How many positions are available?

Because of the pre-planning required in scheduling travel, studio rental/availability, etc. during audition season we may not know the exact number of positions available in early auditions.  We always anticipate having to fill at least one or two company positions and several apprentice and Butler Fellowship positions.


Do I have to complete the past training and work experience sections requested on the check-in form if that information is included on my resume?

Yes, please.  You don’t have to include as much detail on the check-in form but the directors use the check-in forms for quick reference during the auditions.  They will refer to the resumes for more detail if necessary following the audition.  (Electronic versions of the check-in form are available upon request if you’d like to request one to complete prior to your upcoming audition.)

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