Ballet Austin Academy

Endowed in part by Sarah & Ernest Butler through the Ballet Austin Foundation.



Creative and Pre-Ballet

Creative Ballet and Pre-Ballet classes are designed to introduce boys and girls to the world of classical ballet in a joyful and positive environment. At the Academy, nurturing dreams, sparking creativity and fostering aspirations are top priorities.

Lower School

Formal ballet training begins in the Lower School, a rigorous and comprehensive program of the highest caliber. Our exceptional staff of professionals makes Ballet Austin’s carefully crafted curriculum come alive by developing strong bodies, a sound sense of purpose and a passion to excel.

Upper School

Classical ballet training continues in the Upper School. At this level, students must possess the determination to commit to a serious ballet program and have the required technical ability and physical strength. Developing a life-long love and appreciation of dance is one of the Academy's principal goals.

Butler Fellowship Program

This professional-track program offers an innovative and personal approach to a traditional process, providing both quality classical ballet training and the opportunity to explore the unique contemporary choreography of Ballet Austin's repertoire. At Ballet Austin, the commitment to teach the next generation is our highest priority.


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