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Intermediate Division

Printable version of Intermediate Division flier (including schedule and tuition information)

Students enter the Intermediate Division after successful completion of the Youth Division syllabus. Repetition and slow careful work is still emphasized with more challenging work being introduced when students are ready to progress.  Work continues on proper body placement, strength building and flexibility. Pointe work is begun in Level 4A.

Students will progress to the next level when they have mastered the vocabulary and physical understanding required in the syllabus of their current level. This may be more than a one year process since some students take longer to fully master the material and gain the strength needed in any given level.

Core Curriculum
Intermediate Division students (Levels 4A, 4B and 5) attend class 6-7.75 hours per week and are required to attend all scheduled classes for their level. Ballet technique and pointe comprise the core curriculum of the Intermediate Division.

Level 4 students participate in one mid-year conference, on an individual basis, with Academy Artistic Staff.
Level 4A meets four times per week for 1.5 hours. Level 4B meets twice per week for 1.5 hours and twice for 1.75 hours.

Level 5 students conference, on an individual basis, with Academy Artistic Staff twice per year.
Level 5 meets four times per week for 1.5 hours and twice per week for an additional pointe class.

Electives through the Butler Community School
All other dance and conditioning classes are offered through the Butler Community School. Classes offered include jazz, tap, modern, Broadway Dance, yoga and more. Students enrolled in Ballet Austin Academy can purchase a class card for Community School classes at a special rate of 50% off. All students are encouraged to participate in order to expand their physical understanding of movement and build connections to the greater dance community. Both the Academy and Community School are housed at the Butler Dance Education Center. Community School classes allow for a flexible, pay as you go schedule with no minimum attendance requirements. Class cards can be used interchangeably at any or all of the Community School dance and fitness classes. Schedules will be available in the Schools Office.

Michael Joy Memorial Boy's Scholarship Classes meet once a week for 1 hour.
Boy's Scholarship 2
Boys placed in the Intermediate Division are invited to join the Boy's Scholarship 2 class. This class is taught by Ballet Austin company dancer, Christopher Swaim, and focuses on the basic building blocks of male ballet technique including jumps, turns and upper body strength.

Michael Scott Joy was an exceptional young man from Victoria, Texas who danced for two summers at Ballet Austin's Summer Intensive Program. During that short time, Michael made an indelible impression on the faculty, staff and students with whom he worked. Michael was a vibrant and out-going person with a passion for dance.

To honor his memory, his family established the Michael Joy Fine Arts Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2001, and in 2004, the Joy family generously decided to underwrite the Michael Joy Memorial Boy's Scholarship Class here at Ballet Austin Academy. This class provides, free of charge, an introductory boy's movement class to any boy who is willing to commit to the endeavor, and will serve as a port of entry for many boys, regardless of their means, into the world of dance.

Helping more boys get involved in dance was always of passion of Michael's… now, thanks to the generosity of the Joy family, that legacy will continue.

2008/2009 Class Schedule
To be enrolled in this division, new students who have had previous training must either attend the Placement Class (see below) before the start of a new school year or arrange for a placement class through the Schools Director of Administration.

Placement policy:
New Students to Ballet Austin ages 8 through high school with previous dance experience
Contact Managing Director of Schools, Vicki Parsons, to schedule a placement class.

Students age 8 to 12, with no previous dance experience, are placed in Youth Level 1. Students age 13 and older, with no previous dance experience, are recommended for the Butler Community School’s Beginning Ballet for Teens and Adults.

Students registering after the start of the school year will be asked to take a class with their age group as a placement class.


Intermediate - Level 4 Ballet

Level 4A
W. Piner

L. James

L. Short

L. Short

Level 4B
L. James
W. Piner

J. Hart
L. James

Intermediate - Level 5 Ballet
Level 5 Technique
L. Short
J. Witts
L. Short

J. Witts

Level 5 Pointe
J. Witts
J. Witts

All class schedules are subject to change.

Intermediate Division Tuition Rates for 32-week School-Year
(Tuition rates include all registration fees and deposits)

Class Early Discount * Regular Tuition Installment Plan**
Level 4A
$75.00 $1,998.00


Level 4B
$75.00 $2,043.00
Level 5
$75.00 $2,133.00

* If paid in full by August 29, 2008.

**Installment Plan: Nine equal payments, with first payment (non-refundable deposit) due at registration. The remaining eight installments are due on the first of each month beginning on October 1, 2008. A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed on the fifth of each month in which payment is delinquent.

Students enrolling after the start of the school year will be prorated accordingly.

Intermediate Division Staff: Jennifer Hart, Libby James, William Piner, Lynne Short, Christopher Swaim, Jaime Lynn Witts

Dress code:
Level 4 Girls - Royal Blue Mirella or Sapphire Capezio leotard, cap-sleeve style only, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pink pointe shoes in the spring (more information to come at a later date). No skirts, please.
Level 5 Girls - Royal Blue Mirella or Capezio leotard, cap or short-sleeve style only, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pink pointe shoes. No skirts, please.

Boys - White short-sleeve leotard or T-shirt, black footed tights, black ballet shoes, dance belt.

How do I register for classes?

For all class and registration information, please contact:

Vicki Parsons, Managing Director of Schools
Phone - 512.476.9051 ext. 126
E-mail -
Fax - 512.472.3073

Eric Caruthers, Registrar
Phone - 512.476.9051 ext. 138
E-mail -
Fax - 512.472.3073

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