Prenatal Pilates Class

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Stay fit during your pregnancy - Ballet Austin's Pilates Studio is open 7 days a week

Prenatal Pilates is a 55 minute class designed to promote good posture and spinal alignment, easing the strain and tensions involved with a changing body during pregnancy.
Taught by Vlada Sheber, Pilates Program Director & Certified Core Connections ® Pilates Instructor, this class utilizes state of the art Balanced Body™ equipment and teaches the basic principles of Pilates with modifications to accommodate all stages of pregnancy and levels of fitness.

The Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy Include:

  • Increased deep abdominal strength providing support for the weight of the baby and taking pressure off the spine;
  • Increased pelvic floor strength and greater awareness of the muscles used during childbirth;
  • Improved muscle endurance especially in the “core" region including the abdomen, back, pelvic and shoulder girdles;
  • Better relaxation through the use of flowing movements and focus on breath.

Apparatus Class is limited to 5 people.

For pricing or to make an appointment, please contact Vlada Sheber:
Vlada Sheber, Program Director & Certified Core Connections® Pilates Instructor
Phone - 512.476.9051 ext. 135
Fax - 512.472.3073
E-mail - vlada.sheber@balletaustin.org

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