Butler Fellowship Program

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Butler Fellowship Program

Endowed by Sarah and Ernest Butler through the Ballet Austin Foundation

This year-long, post high school, professional-track program offers an innovative and personal approach to a traditional process, providing both quality classical ballet training and the opportunity to explore the unique contemporary choreography of Ballet Austin’s repertoire.

The Butler Fellows are selected through Ballet Austin's Senior Summer Intensive, following a nationwide audition, and participate in up to seventeen hours of classes per week. Under the guidance of an experienced faculty, they receive instruction in ballet technique, variations, partnering, men’s technique, modern, jazz, Pilates, body conditioning and repertoire. Additionally, Butler Fellows rehearse and perform with the main company and Ballet Austin II in main stage, touring and educational performances.

Integral to the Butler Fellowship Program is Ballet Austin’s mentoring initiative which establishes a foundation of support and resources for transition from student to professional. Mentors facilitate introduction into Ballet Austin's methods of instruction and training philosophy, and prepare the Butler Fellows to meet industry expectations of technique, artistry and personal conduct necessary for a career in dance.

Second-year Butler Fellows also participate in the Academy's pedagogy program (teacher training) or in internships with Ballet Austin's education, marketing, production, and administration departments. Many graduates of the Butler Fellowship Program have been promoted to Ballet Austin II or accepted contracts with other professional companies. Currently, 30% of Ballet Austin’s main company dancers are graduates of the Butler Fellowship Program.

Through a partnership with St. Edward’s University, Butler Fellows are eligible to receive up to 24 college credit hours for their Ballet Austin training.

Butler Fellowship Program Staff: Ballet Austin Artistic Staff

Dress Code
Women - Solid colored leotard, pink footed tights, pointe shoes.
Men - White short-sleeve leotard or fitted T-shirt, black footed tights, white ballet shoes, white socks, dance belt.

To be considered for acceptance as a Butler Fellow,  you must first attend a minimum of one 3-week Summer Intensive session. The Summer Intensive is considered the audition for the Butler Fellowship Program.

Auditions for the Summer Intensive are held each winter/spring. Students age 18 and older can also be considered for acceptance into the Summer Intensive by attending a Company Audition.

During the Summer Intensive students are evaluated and will be given the opportunity to conference with Artistic Directors.

For more information about Ballet Austin's Summer Intensive CLICK HERE.

For more information about the Butler Fellowship Program, please contact:
Eugene Alvarez
Phone - 512.476.9151, ext. 128
E-mail - eugene.alvarez@balletaustin.org

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