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Policies and Procedures

Before registering, please read all policies and procedures

Tuition Payments

Annual Tuition is for the entire 34-week school year and is not a monthly tuition. Tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration, or will be set up to automatically charge/draft installments through the school year. Payments will be charged/drafted on the first of the month.
  • Installments will be prorated accordingly for registering during the school year.
    • Enrollment is open to new students through February 1 as long as space is available in a class.

  • FEES
    • Late Fee - $25.00 (will be charged on the 5th of the month)
    • Returned Check or ACH Direct Payment Fee - $25.00
    • Automatic Credit/Debit Declines Fee - $10.00
    • Withdrawal Fee - $30.00

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Tuition Payment Plans

Ballet Austin accepts one of two payment options for paying Academy tuition.
  1. Tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration by check, credit/debit, or cash to secure a place when registering.

  2. Pay 1st installment at the time of registration. Set up automatic payment plan for remainder of balance due.
    • Payment Plans are set up on Automatic Charge/Draft in order to pay out the tuition throughout the school year.
    • Automatic Payment Plans include the following choices:

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Sibling Discount

A 10% Sibling Discount is available for the oldest sibling.

  • Two or more siblings are enrolled and paying for the school year.
  • May only be applied at time of registration.
  • If a sibling withdraws early, discount will be forfeited for the remaining enrolled student.

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Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Withdrawal notification must be submitted in writing (or email) and received by the Academy Office two weeks prior to the withdrawal date.

Once a written notice of withdrawal is received in the Registrar's Office, the annual tuition will be prorated accordingly and the $30.00 withdrawal fee will be charged to the account.

There will be no refunds or prorates if withdrawing after March 31 of each year.

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Schedule Change Policy

Class Change Requests must be submitted in writing to the Academy Registrar's Office before a student can move to another class. Not all class change requests may be accommodated.

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General Studio Protocol
  • The Dress code is specific for each level. Download and print Academy uniform requirements.
  • Students are expected to behave respectfully and courteously at all times.
  • Photography/Videography by patrons in the Butler Dance Education Center is prohibited.
  • Students must wear street shoes and cover up clothing before leaving the building.
  • Creative Ballet, Pre-Ballet, and Lower School students should not enter a classroom until the teacher is present.
  • Upper School Students may stretch in the studio before their class begins if there is not another class in the studio.
  • Parents are asked to remain outside the studio.
  • Chewing gum, food and drinks (except water in closed containers) are not allowed in the studio or dressing rooms.
  • Toe tape, Band-Aids, containers, wrappers, etc. must be disposed of in trash cans.
  • Students are not permitted to sit at or play the pianos.
  • Ballet Austin is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Labeling personal items with the student’s name is recommended. Personal items should remain with the student or parent at all times. Do not leave personal items unattended.
  • There is a lost and found bin located in the study area next to the upstairs lounge for missing items. At the end of the month, items that have not been retrieved will be discarded or donated to charity.

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Attendance Policies

  • Attendance will be taken in each Academy class.
  • Students must arrive prepared, properly dressed, and on time for all scheduled classes.
Late Arrival
  • Students enrolled in the Lower and Upper School may be asked to sit and watch class if arriving more than 10 minutes late.
  • If a student misses a class for any reason, his/her parent or guardian must call (512.501.8703) or email the Academy Registrar to report the absence.
Class Make-up
  • All Students may make up missed classes by attending another class at or below their current level of study.
  • Upper School students are required to make up missed classes whenever possible.
Illness or Injury
  • Students who are ill (infectious) should not come to class.
  • Extended illness requires a note when returning to class.
  • Injured dancers are encouraged to come observe class so they are familiar with the curriculum and combinations being taught when they return to class.

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Watch Week

Watch Weeks allows parents the opportunity to experience the hard work and dedication that their child demonstrates in his/her studies at the Ballet Austin Academy. One Watch Week is scheduled during fall and during spring. Dates are listed on the Academy Calendar.

  • Please keep noise and/or distraction to a minimum. This includes:
    • Managing the behavior of  siblings during class
    • Keeping cell phones on silent mode during class
    • Arriving on time for class
    • Staying in the studio for the duration of class
  • Photography and/or videography are not allowed during watch week classes.
  • Creative Ballet through Level 4B classes will end a few minutes early to provide time for parents to photograph and/or videotape their child in the studio.

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Holidays, Closings and Inclement Weather

Holidays & Closings
  • Since Ballet Austin Academy students come from many different school districts, the Academy does not follow the holiday/closing calendar of any particular school district.
  • Holidays and closings are listed on the Academy Calendar.
  • There may be unforeseen circumstances that require Ballet Austin Academy to cancel or change a class. Students will be given advance notice whenever possible. Refunds are not given for classes not held, but the Class Make-up Policy will apply.

Inclement Weather

  • Ballet Austin does not follow the school closing decision of any particular school district.
  • Decisions to cancel classes due to inclement weather will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Directors of Ballet Austin.
  • Weather can vary greatly from one area to another. If classes are not canceled, but threatening weather conditions in your area make it unsafe for you to drive to Ballet Austin, please use your discretion and stay home.  You may make up any missed class during the remainder of the school year.
  • Weather updates will be available by calling 512.501.8704.
  • If classes are not held due to inclement weather students may make up any of those classes during the remainder of the school year at any time that is convenient in the same level or a level lower.

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Year-end Presentations and Performances

Year-End Presentations and Performances are scheduled in May and allow another opportunity for parents to view their child's progress. Dates are listed on the Academy Calendar.

  • Photography/Videography (no flash please) will be allowed during in-studio Creative Ballet and Pre-Ballet Level 1 Presentations.
  • Photography/Videography (no flash please) will be allowed during Pre-Ballet Levels 2 and 3 through Lower School Year-end Presentations held in the AustinVentures StudioTheater.
  • Upper School Performances will be recorded and DVD’s will be made available for sale. Photography/Videography (no flash please) will be allowed.

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Liability/Waiver Release

Please read carefully. This is a release of liability and waiver of certain legal rights. A release is required for enrollment into the Academy. Print a copy of the Liability/Waiver Release.

As the enrolled participant and/or the parent/guardian of the enrolled participant, I agree and understand that dance/fitness training is a potentially hazardous activity. I recognize that there are risks inherent in dance training including but not limited to serious physical injury. The participant hereby agrees to participate in activities of the Ballet Austin Academy and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Ballet Austin, its instructors, officers, directors, agents and employees against any liability resulting from any injury that may occur to the participant while participating in activities of the Ballet Austin Academy. The participant also agrees to indemnify Ballet Austin for any damages incurred arising from any claims, demand, action or course of action by the participant.

The enrolled participant authorizes any representative of Ballet Austin to have the participant treated in any medical emergency during their participation in activities of the Ballet Austin Academy. Further, the participant and/or parent/guardian agrees to pay all costs associated with medical care and transportation for the participant.

Any special medical/health problems of which the staff should be aware will be submitted to the Academy Office before participation begins.

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Photograph/Likeness/Videotape Release

Please read carefully. A current release is required for enrollment into the Academy.

As the enrolled participant and/or the parent/guardian of the enrolled participant, I authorize Ballet Austin, Inc. and/or its representative, agent, or employee to photograph and/or videotape and use any photograph/likeness of me or my minor child for any purpose, including publicity, choreographic archives, promotional materials and/or any other reason deemed appropriate by the Academy's Directors.

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Ballet Austin Student Inclusion Policy

The Ballet Austin Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin.

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