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Summer Intensive Audition FAQs

Do I have to pre-register ahead of time for a Summer Intensive audition?

There is no need to pre-register for an audition but if you would like to pre-sign and pre-pay click here. Arrive between 30 minutes and one hour early to allow time for check-in.

What do I need to bring to the audition?

  • Audition fee, due at check-in. Cash or checks are accepted. If you pre-paid online this will be taken care of.
  • Audition information form. These forms are required whether you pre-sign or sign up at the audition. Fors are available at check-in.
  • A full-body dance photograph (5x7). Recommended pose is first arabesque.

What is the structure of the audition?

The audition is a regular ballet technique class that might be slower than you are used to, but is designed to show us your level of technical ability. Girls over 16 may be asked to wear pointe shoes for center and younger girls who are on pointe will put their shoes on for the last part of class.

What do I wear to the audition?

It is recommended that women wear a simple style, solid-color leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. (Bring pointe shoes if already on pointe).

Men should wear a white fitted T-shirt (tucked in) or white leotard with black tights and black or white ballet shoes.

How do I find out if I have been accepted?

We will email all students 1-2 weeks after each audition. Make sure to print clearly on your audition form and provide a valid email address and phone number.

What if I am unable to attend an audition in person?

We recommend all students audition live but understand that this is not always feasible. If you are unable to audition for the Summer Intensive program in person, you may audition by DVD. The DVD should consist of a sampling of barre work and center practice including adagio, pirouettes, petite and grand allegro and pointe work. The length should be approximately 15 minutes. A full body photograph in first arabesque is also required along with the DVD audition fee.

All DVD auditions must be accompanied by the audition form below and mailed to Ballet Austin, 501 W. 3rd St., Austin Texas 78701.

How do I apply for financial aid/scholarships?
A limited number of scholarships/financial aid are granted each year to promising students. After you have auditioned and been accepted (received your official acceptance letter by email, you may contact the registrar's office to request a financial aid application. To request an application, email

Please do not call about financial aid. Applications will only be provided through email requests.

For Students age 17 -18

Can I be considered for Ballet Austin II (Ballet Austin’s apprentice company) or the Butler Fellowship Program at a Summer Intensive Audition?

Ballet Austin II apprentices and Ballet Austin's Butler Fellows are recruited through Ballet Austin's Summer Intensive Program.

Students who have graduated from high school (or are willing to complete their senior year outside a traditional high school setting) may be invited to participate in one of Ballet Austin's year-round programs, either as a Butler Fellow or as a member of Ballet Austin II, our paid apprentice company. All eligible students who are interested in being considered for one of these opportunities (and who have not already made a commitment to another organization for the upcoming season) will have an opportunity to meet with artistic staff to be considered for a year-round opportunity.

Although attendance in the full six-week program is preferred, it is not required to be considered for an apprenticeship or Butler Fellowship. Final decisions about placement in these programs will be made by the middle of the second session (fifth week) of the Summer Intensive.

Additional questions about the program and resident life.

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