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Summer Children's Classes
June 20 - August 1, 2015

Classes begin on Saturday, June 20. Saturday classes on July 4 will NOT be held in observance of Independance Day.

Summer Children's Classes (ages 3-10) A six-week summer session of our regular Creative Ballet, Pre-Ballet, and Lower School ballet Levels 1 & 2 Ballet is offered each summer.

Creative Ballet

Summer Creative Ballet classes are for children ages 3-4.  Classes meet one time per week for 45 minutes. Creative Ballet 1 is open to children who have turned 3 by June 1, 2015. Creative Ballet 2 is open to children who have turned 4 by June 1, 2015. More...


Pre-Ballet classes are for children ages 5-7 by June 1, 2015. This program is a prelude to formal ballet instruction and introduces children to music and movement through a structured progression that stresses creativity and group interaction. More...

Lower School Ballet

Starting in Level 1 of the Lower School, students begin formal training in traditional classical ballet. The syllabus progresses at a rate that allows the student to learn the exercises correctly and with full physicality. Repetition and slow careful work is emphasized, with the students learning discipline and control of their bodies. Students progress to the next level when they have mastered the material and physical understanding of the syllabus in their current level. More...

2015 Summer Class Schedule
The 2015 Summer Children's Program Class Schedule will be posted in January 2015

For information, please contact:

Eve Anderson, Registrar
Phone - 512.501.8703
E-mail -

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