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The Studio Theater Project

The Studio Theater Project is a multi-pronged approach to contemporary dance showcasing internationally acclaimed acquisitions, the original work of Stephen Mills and newly commissioned work from outstanding choreographers. The AustinVentures StudioTheater, located at 501 W 3rd St, is an innovative, 287-seat venue that explores the democratization of dance through its intimacy and accessibility within the urban environment.

Left Unsaid (Austin Premiere)
Choreography by Nicolo Fonte
Music by J.S. Bach

Songs of Innuendo (World Premiere)
Choreography by Stephen Mills
Music by James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Ray Charles and Nina Simone

Photo by Andrew Yates

The AustinVentures StudioTheater (501 W 3rd St)

Mar 26 | 8pm w/dj faithgay, Encore with Nicolo Fonte and Stephen Mills
Mar 27 | 8pm w/ DJ Ariel
Mar 28 | 3pm, Encore with Stephen Mills
Mar 28 | 8pm (sold out)
Mar 29 | 3pm
Apr 1 | 6:30pm w/ dj faithgay
Apr 2 | 6:30pm
Apr 2 | 9pm w/ DJ Ariel
Apr 3 | 8pm Encore with Stephen Mills
Apr 4 | 3pm
Apr 4 | 8pm After Party w/ DJ Ariel, Encore with Stephen Mills (sold out)
Apr 5 | 3pm
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Tickets $25-$30
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Songs of Innuendo
Fresh, fun, funky, sexy—let the music put you in the mood for a showcase of choreography you've never seen the likes of on the Ballet Austin stage. With music by soul legends James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Ray Charles, and Nina Simone, Songs of Innuendo will be featured in our upcoming performance, The Studio Theater Project. Launch interactive micro-site.


Left Unsaid
Nicolo Fonte's Left Unsaid is set to gorgeously haunting Bach violin solos. The sinewy movement, performed by six dancers, implies relationships, tension, decisions to be made, and undercurrents of deep emotion. Created for the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet in 2003, Left Unsaid will featured in our upcoming performance, The Studio Theater Project. Launch interactive micro-site.

Interpreting Contemporary Ballet
Contemporary ballet, like most contemporary art forms, challenges audiences. While Many describe enjoying the experience, audiences often wish they knew more about dance or held some special insights to interpret meanings in the work. Learn more about Interpreting Contemporary Ballet: launch interactive micro-site

At the Performance

Photo by George Brainard    Photo by George Brainard

Photo by George Brainard    Photo by George Brainard

What People Are Saying

"It is wonderful that Stephen Mills brings in other, highly talented choreographers because it forces the dancers to work in other techniques and styles; it makes a company already loaded with talent even better. "

"My favorite part was the overall innovative nature/feeling of the entire event - the venue, the proximity of the audience to the stage, the DJ beforehand, the short performances, and the mixture of contemporary and classical music.  My husband and I both really enjoyed our evening."

"My favorite part was how intimate the setting was. The audience can have a true connection with the cast due to the close proximity of the dance floor."

"I loved the dancing, it was splendid! I also really enjoyed seeing and hearing from the choreographers prior to each piece."

"Seeing the dancers up close -- I just loved it! I loved the creativity of the second half of the evening. Loved the drinks beforehand and the "entertainment" on the screen during intermission."

"Glad to see classical mixed with more contemporary. Really loved Fonte, look forward to The Bach Project and New American Talent/Dance in 2010."

After the Show

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