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Stephen Mills brings this treasured fairy tale to life with a delicious score from Alexander Glazunov compiled especially for this ballet. The enduring rags-to-princess story offers the promise of “happily ever after” with a dose of humor mixed with the majesty of classical ballet. Spend Mother’s Day weekend with the special women in your life—and give them the gift of a Fairy Godmother, a handsome prince, a gorgeous ball gown, and the perfect dance party. 

Choreography by Stephen Mills
Music by Alexander Glazunov
Live Accompaniment by Austin Symphony Orchestra

The Long Center
Fri 5/6/16 8:00PM Audio description by VSA Texas available for this show Purchase
Sat 5/7/16 2:00PM Purchase
Sat 5/7/16 8:00PM Purchase
Sun 5/8/16 3:00PM Purchase


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Program Notes



Cinderella lives with her evel Step-Mother and two beautiful evil Step-Sisters. Cinderella has become a slave to her family's whims since the death of her noble father. Her life is very difficult but she is gracious and considerate. When beggars come to the door, Cinderella always gives them food, though she is often punished for doing so.

One day, there is a knock at the door. The Master of Ceremonies form the palace has come to announce a Royal Ball that evening where the Prince will choose a bride. Cinderella's Step-Sisters are invited as is her Step-Mother. Cinderella does not receive an invitation to the Ball.

As everyone leaves the house for the ball, Cinderella is taunted for her dirty appearance and clothing of rags. Left alone, she begins to daydream of what it would be like to attend ar Royal Ball.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman appears before her. She explains to Cinderella that she is a Fairy Godmother and that because of Cinderalla's good deeds she has come to grant her a wish. Cinderella can think of nothing greater than to attend the Ball, but cries that she doesn't have a beautiful gown. At once, the Fairy Godmother and her twelve fairies grant her wishes. Cinderella is warned that she must return home by midnight because the spell will be broken and she will be returned to her dirty and ragged self. Excited, Cinderella promises and flies to the Ball in a gilded carriage.





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The Long Center

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The Long Center
8pm | May 6 Audio description by VSA Texas available for this show, 7
2pm | May 7
3pm | May 8

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