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Ballet Austin II performs a mixed repertory program in the AustinVentures StudioTheater.

Napoli Pas de Six
Choreography by August Bournonville

Music by Edvard Helsted
Choreographed in 1842 with music by Edvard Helsted, the pas de six from Napoli is one of the Danish choreographer's most beloved works. The intricate footwork, buoyant jumps and joyous musical phrasing embody Bournonville's signature style.

Choreography by Stephen Mills

Music by Jordi Savall
Originally commissioned by the San Antonio Luminaria Festival in 2011 and featuring Jordi Savall's exotic compilation of Spanish New World baroque music, this playful and romantic contemporary ballet explores the intricate relationship between dance, vocal, and instrumental rhythms.

Choreography by Jennifer Hart

Music by John Adams
This world premiere by Jennifer Hart was initially developed by a Fellowship Initiative Grant from the New York Choreographic Institute, an affiliate of New York City Ballet. Hart and Ballet Austin were one of only three choreographic collaborations selected for this honor during the 2011-12 season. Set to John Adams' Shaker Loops, Wavemakers soars from serenity to turbulence, reflecting the expansive and reverential layers of Adams' evocative score.

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8pm | April 12
8pm | April 13


Ballet Austin II performs a dynamic mixed repertory program in the intimate AustinVentures StudioTheater, allowing you an up-close look at the next generation of dance talent.

Program Notes

There will be onstage seating for this performance.

BAII@AVST: Season of Innocence Onstage seating policy

A limited number of onstage seats are available for Season of Innocence. These seats offer an exciting and unique way to experience the performance with the action of the show taking place all around you. For your safety and for the safety of the performers, we ask that you adhere to the following procedures:

Late seating: As a member of the onstage audience, you must be seated at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the performance. If you are not seated before the performance begins, you may be asked to sit in available seating in the auditorium for the duration of the performance.

Personal belongings: Since some of the show's action takes place throughout the seating area, we have provided you with a coat check option at the box office in Ballet Austin's main lobby. All large coats, bags, and other personal items must be placed in coat check prior to the start of the performance in order to keep the seating area and pathways clear. Please limit the number of items you bring to the theatre on the day of the performance.

Dress code: Please refrain from wearing bright-colored clothing or any clothing that may draw attention away from the action on the stage. Out of consideration to the actors, also refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.

Playbills: For artistic reasons, our ushers will collect your complimentary playbill before you take your onstage seat. You may retrieve it at the end of the performance.

Restrooms and concessions: The performance is 45-minutes with no intermission. Once the performance begins we ask that you remain in your seats for the full duration. Please plan your trips to the restroom and concession areas accordingly. Food and beverages are not permitted on the stage or at your seat.

View of the performance: These seats offer a side/rear-view of some of the performance. Please note: some aspects of the action may be obstructed.

Please note: Management reserves the right to relocate or remove any patrons during the performance.






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Immediately following all performances April 10-11
AustinVentures StudioTheater

Immediately following the performances of Season of Innocence Encore will feature choreographer Nick Kepley and Ballet Austin II dancers. Composer Steve Parker will also be present during the Friday night Encore. Free for ticket holders.

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