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The Sleeping Beauty

Mother's Day Weekend

Let yourself get swept away into a sublime world of kings, queens, fairy godmothers and storybook creatures. The timeless tale of The Sleeping Beauty comes to life in the most majestic classical ballet of all time, set to Tchaikovsky's fabulous and familiar score. On Mother's Day weekend, experience this gorgeous production featuring grand sets and exquisite costumes. You'll enjoy special appearances by fairy tale favorites like Puss-In-Boots and Little Red Riding Hood. And of course, that kiss from the handsome prince will create a memory to cherish happily ever after.

Choreography by Marius Petipa
Music by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
Live Accompaniment by the Austin Symphony Orchestra

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8pm | May 9Audio description by VSA Texas available for this show
2pm | May 10
8pm | May 10
3pm | May 11
Mother's Day Weekend

The Sleeping Beauty is a classic and beautiful ballet that delights both young and old. Ballet Austin is thrilled to be presenting The Sleeping Beauty on Mother's Day weekend.

Performing ballets on Mother's day weekend has become a Ballet Austin tradition, and offers everyone a unique and special way to spend Mother's day. The Sleeping Beauty ballet will be performed with a live accompaniment from the Austin Symphony Orchestra and will feature some of Ballet Austin's most promising stars. You will be swept away by the fantastical sets and mesmerizing dance performances of The Sleeping Beauty.

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

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Program Notes



King Florestan and his Queen have welcomed their first child, Princess Aurora, and declare a grand christening ceremony to honor her.  During the christening of Princess Aurora, several fairies are invited to the ceremony to bestow gifts on the child. Each fairy represents a virtue, such as beauty, courage, sweetness, musical ability, and mischief.  The Lilac Fairy arrives.  But before she can bestow her gift the palace grows dark. With a clap of thunder, the evil fairy Carabosse arrives with her minions. Carabosse is furious that she had not received an invitation to the christening and places a curse upon the baby princess: Aurora will grow up to be a beautiful, virtuous and delightful young lady, but on her sixteenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. The King and Queen are horrified and beg Carabosse for mercy but she shows none. However, the Lilac Fairy intervenes. Though she does not have enough power to completely undo the curse, she alters it, allowing the spindle to cause a peaceful 100-year sleep for the princess, rather than death. At the end of those 100 years, she will be woken by the kiss of a handsome prince.

Act I

It is the day of Princess Aurora's sixteenth birthday. Celebrations are underway, though the King is still unsettled by Carabosse's omen. The townsfolk perform an elaborate dance with flower garlands, and Princess Aurora arrives afterward. Carefree and lovely, she is introduced to four suitors by her doting parents.  Presently, a cloaked stranger appears and offers a gift to the princess: a spindle.  Having never seen one before, Aurora curiously examines the strange object as her parents desperately try to intervene. As predicted, she pricks her finger. While initially appearing to recover quickly, she falls into a swoon and collapses. The cloaked stranger reveals herself to be Carabosse, who believes that her curse still stands and that the princess is dead. But the Lilac Fairy appears and reminds the King and Queen that Aurora is merely asleep. The princess is carried off to bed, and the Lilac Fairy casts a spell of slumber over the entire kingdom, which will only be broken when Aurora awakens.
Act II
One hundred years later, Prince Désiré is at a hunting party with his companions. He is melencholy and his friends try to cheer him up. Still unhappy, he asks to be alone and the hunting party departs. In the forest he is met by the Lilac Fairy who shows him a vision of the beautiful princess, and the prince is immediately in love. Désiré begs to be taken to the princess. The Lilac Fairy takes him to the castle, and has him cut away the layers of vines with his sword. Carabosse appears and attempts to deter him, but he and the Lilac Fairy finally manage to defeat her. Once inside the castle, Désiré awakens Aurora with a kiss. The rest of the court wakes as well. The King and Queen heartily approve when the prince proposes marriage and the princess accepts.
The royal wedding is underway. Guests include the Fairytale characters Puss in Boots and the White Cat, Princess Florine and the Bluebird, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and a pas de trois. Aurora and Désiré perform a grand Pas de Deux, and the entire ensemble dances a mazurka. The prince and princess are married, with the Lilac Fairy blessing the union.





Cast & Credits


The Sleeping Beauty

Choreography – Marius Petipa
Music – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Lighting – Tony Tucci
Costumes and Scenery Courtesy of Cincinnati Ballet
* Friday 8pm, Saturday 2pm ** Saturday 8pm, Sunday 3pm


Aurora - Ashley Lynn Sherman* / Aara Krumpe**
Prince Désiré - Paul Michael Bloodgood*/ Frank Shott**
Queen - Kirby Wallis (Guest Artist)
King Florestan - Frank Shott*/ Paul Michael Bloodgood**
Lilac Fairy - Jaime Lynn Witts
Fairies - 
     Candide - Elise Pekarek
     Coulante - Anne Marie Melendez
     Miettes qui tombent - Chelsea Marie Renner
     Canari qui chante - Michelle Thompson
     Violente - Brittany Strickland
Cavaliers - Ian J. Bethany, Michael Burfield, James Fuller, Jordan Moser, Preston Andrew Patterson, Christopher Swaim    
Attendants - Rebecca Johnson, Grace Morton, Oren Porterfield, Rayleigh Vendt, Nicole Voris, Cassia Wilson                       
Carabosse - Michelle Martin
Carabosse creatures - Danielle Ehoff, Leana Markos, Delaney Shorb, Abbey Nicole Smith, Arielle   Sperber
Catalabutte - Stephen Mills
Nanny - Jesse Chase-Lubitz
Courtiers - Pei-San Brown (Guest), Jesse Chase-Lubitz, Katie Crellin, Lisa Larson, Tamiko Murphy, Gail Romney (Guest), Maddi Scovell, Oliver Greene-Cramer, Jake Howard, Kevin Murdock-Waters, Ashton Plummer
Pages - Riyo Adler, Lily Grogono, Cate Jesser, Sofia Maass, Josephine Willman, Reese  Youngblood
Act I

Garland Waltz - Natasha Carl, Tanya Garcia, Rosie Grady Sayvetz, Towa Shinagawa, Nicole Voris, Cassia Wilson, Oliver Greene-Cramer, Kevin Murdock-Waters, Ashton Plummer
Suitors - Orlando Julius Canova, Edward Carr, James Fuller, Christopher Swaim
Friends - Rebecca Johnson, Anne Marie Melendez, Grace Morton, Elise Pekarek, Oren  Porterfield, Chelsea Marie Renner, Brittany Strickland, Michelle Thompson
Act II

Hunting party - Ian J. Bethany, Michael Burfield, James Fuller, Jordan Moser, Preston Andrew  Patterson, Christopher Swaim, Natasha Carl, Danielle Ehoff, Lisa Larson, Leana Markos, Towa Shinagawa, Abby Nicole Smith
Tutor - Edward Carr
Countess - Rosie Grady Sayvetz
Vision - Tanya Garcia, Rebecca Johnson, Anne Marie Melendez, Grace Morton, Elise  Pekarek, Oren  Porterfield, Chelsea Marie Renner, Brittany Strickland, Michelle Thompson, Rayleigh Vendt, Nicole Voris, Cassia Wilson

Jewels - Anne Marie Melendez*, Jordan Moser*, Michelle Thompson*
              Anne Marie Melendez**, Christopher Swaim**, Chelsea Marie Renner**
Puss ‘n Boots and The White Cat - Michael Burfield*, Grace Morton*, James Fuller**, Brittany Strickland**
Princess Florine and Bluebird - Rebecca Johnson*, Preston Andrew Patterson*, Oren Porterfield**, Ian J. Bethany**
Little Red Riding Hood and The Grey Wolf - Elise Pekarek, Orlando Julius Canova
Tree Carriers - Aisling Hurley, Erica Jones
Mazurka  - Nicole Voris, Edward Carr, Natasha Carl, Rosie Grady Sayvetz, Towa Shinagawa, Rayleigh Vendt, Cassia Wilson
James Fuller*/Michael Burfield**, Preston Andrew Patterson*/Christopher Swaim**, Jordan Moser*/Ian J. Bethany**, Oliver Greene-Cramer, Kevin Murdock-Waters

Artist Profiles

Director's Notes



Family Dance Workshop – The Sleeping Beauty
Sun Apr 27, 2:30 - 3:45pm
Ballet Austin’s AustinVentures StudioTheater

See excerpts from Ballet Austin's The Sleeping Beauty, and create your own choreography with the help of Ballet Austin dancers. Recommended for children ages 3 to 12 years old and their family members. Learn more or sign up.

Studio Spotlight – The Sleeping Beauty
Thurs May 1, 2014
12 – 1pm or 6 – 7pm
Ballet Austin’s AustinVentures StudioTheater

Watch a professional dance company in action! Up-close, personal, and informal, Studio Spotlight gives guests a behind-the-scenes look at choreography and elements from the upcoming production while it is still in the works. This is the perfect lunchtime break or happy hour activity! Free admission for those who RSVP. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Learn more or sign up.

Footlights – The Sleeping Beauty
One hour prior to the evening performances on May 9 and 10.
The Long Center

Just an hour before each production, join us in the theater for a look at the final preparations for this magical production. See the last-minute workings of dancers and production crew as you learn about the history, music, and artists involved in the production. Free for ticket holders. Learn more.

Footlights for Families– The Sleeping Beauty
One hour prior to the matinee performances on May 10 and 11.
The Long Center

Audience members of all ages are welcome to attend, but the focus during this session is on families with children ages 3 - 12! Learn more.

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8pm | May 9Audio description by VSA Texas available for this show
2pm | May 10
8pm | May 10
3pm | May 11
Mother's Day Weekend

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