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Building Birds, Part 4

April 12th, 2011

So far in this bird series, I have shown you how the tutu base is finished for wear and how the bodice fronts are patterned and feathered. Today we will be looking at patterning the tail piece with the tutu that will be worn by Emily Cloyd as our example.

I first assembled the tutu onto the dress form according to the dancer’s measurements and attach the feathered front.

For patterning, we like to use this plastic sheeting that is similar to a plastic party tablecloth.  It is durable, flexible, see-through and easier to work with than other patterning mediums.

This is a basic pattern for the bird tail that was created earlier.  You can clearly see all the notes I have taken on it through the different drafts I made.  I will lay a clean sheet of pattern plastic on top to trace and create a rough draft for Emily’s tutu based on this.

After I have cut the pattern draft, I will apply it to the tutu to see where I need to make changes that are specific to this dancer and the shape of her costume.

Now that I have checked this draft and made the appropriate notes, I will make a final draft of the pattern and then cut the fabric.

Please check in next week for the assemblage of the tail and not long after that I will share with you the big reveal of all our lovely birds!


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2 Responses to “Building Birds, Part 4”

  1. Ellen says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I miss working in a shop! Fun to see the process.

  2. […] this segment, Ballet Austin Wardrobe Assistant, Emily Cavasar provides us with a sneak peek at the intricate tail […]

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