A Record-Setting Season Opener

We proudly announced earlier this week that our Season Opener production of Carmina Burana and Kai was performed to three completely sold-out houses, making it the most successful and well-attended opener in Company history. Thank you to everyone that joined us!

We also received some very complimentary press regarding the Season Opener. Here’s a smattering of a few of the articles:

“Initial darkness makes the subsequent choreography – exuberant, passionate and throbbing with life – all the more engaging, and accompanied by the Austin Symphony Orchestra and the Conspirare choir, the experience is wholly impressive.”
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“On a purely personal note, I couldn’t help choking up a few times as the three companies paraded their confident wares. Having followed these artists for decades, I could measure the distance they had traveled since the 1980s. No one is claiming perfection, but the standards are infinitely higher these days.”
Michael Barnes, Social Columnist, Austin American-Statesman
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“Particularly awe-inspiring in Carmina Burana is the combination of three unique artistic mediums.”
The Daily Texan
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