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Get Out of Your Rut with Student Rush Sundays!

November 10th, 2010

Sunday afternoon naps, football, jobs, watching a movie, reading a book, doing laundry, studying, Facebook…get out of your rut! Get out of the house, apartment or dorm and have some fun this Sunday…live a little…dance a little! Being stressed or bored on a Sunday is no way to live.  Put your dancing shoes on and head down to Ballet Austin. Whether it’s Ballet Fit, Zumba® Latin Dance Fitness, Modern dance, or Contemporary Jazz, get out and get your body moving. The Butler Community School is a great place for teens and adults of all ages to have fun on a Sunday afternoon. 

University of Texas sophomore Jessica heard about BCS classes and rode her bike downtown to take a class last Sunday. “Totally amazing studio and teacher. Love it!” Students, come down and join Jessica for Student Rush Sunday at the BCS beginning any Sunday. Bring your student ID and take one class for only $10 or two classes for $15. Can’t beat that!

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2 Responses to “Get Out of Your Rut with Student Rush Sundays!”

  1. Stacy Guidry says:

    What about adults that are not students? How much is a class or two if we don’t have student ID?

  2. Vicki Parsons says:

    Regular rates…$17 per class or buy a Class-Card and the per class rate goes way down to $10 to $15 per class. BIG SALE on Class-Cards coming in December!

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