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Dance & Fitness and Pilates

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Dance and Fitness for Everyone

Drop-In Dance & Fitness Classes

Flexibility, freedom to try new things, and lots of fun!

Drop-in dance, Pilates conditioning & fitness classes for adults of all ages. With more than 70 classes 7 days a week, there's something for everyone at any experience level.

Check the schedule for a variety of classes offered, start any time and come when you can.


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State-of-the-art Pilates Center

Getting started with Pilates is easy.

Whether an elite athlete or couch potato, our certified Pilates instructors will work with you to create a workout that will make you feel and look better in just a few short weeks!

Find out more about Ballet Austin's state-of-the-art Pilates Center and get started with a new client package today.

Private & group sessions at any level.

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Dance & Fitness Workshops

Dance and Fitness workshops for adults!

A great way to stay active and learn something new.

Workshops for the absolute beginner include Ballet, Modern, Bollywood, Tap, Samba & Hula. We also have Videodance, Fosse! and more.

Looking for fitness or yoga workshops? In just 6 weeks we'll have you looking and feeling your best with Yoga 101, Body Burn, and more!

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Kids in Motion & Family Fun

Where kids get moving and have fun!

Discover family fun through music and movement!

Kids Dance & Movement Workshops and Family Workshops, and Kids Camps are offered to provide an outlet for creativity, expression, imagination, and physical activity for children.

Action-packed dance fun for kids and families!

We also have teen workshops & camps

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