Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and is there parking?

Ballet Austin's Butler Community School and Pilates Center is located at 501 W. 3rd St. in downtown Austin across from Lady Bird Lake.

Phone: 512.501.8704

Email: Stephanie Albrecht

Vicki Parsons, Director
The Butler Community School
Phone - 512.476.9151 ext. 126
E-mail - Vicki Parsons

For directions and parking

How do I get started?
It's easy! To take classes at the Butler Community School, create a login and create your account. If you are unable to create an account before arriving for your first class, allow a few extra minutes before the class you plan to take, and we will be happy to assist you. Kiosks are available at the Business Center in the lobby.

Do I need to register in order to take drop-in classes?
No. Classes operate on a drop-in basis. Start any time and come when you can. No membership requirement or long-term obligation. You may sign-in online before attending although it is not required. If you pre sign-in for a class online and are unable to attend, the class must be cancelled 30 minutes before the scheduled class start time or you will be charged for the class. Early cancellation of a drop-in dance or fitness class will automatically return the class to your account.

Dance and fitness workshops do require pre-registration before the start date. Workshops are enrollment based and generally last 4 to 6 weeks. Learn more about workshops.

What is the cost of a class?
All classes are $17 dollars each ($15 for students). 5, 10, 20, 40 and unlimited class packages are also available for purchase at a much reduced per class rate.

How do I purchase classes online?
Once your account is set up and you are in our system, you can purchase a single class or multiple classes, register for a workshop, or purchase a series for the Pilates Center.

What are the benefits of purchasing multiple classes?
Purchasing a package of drop-in classes will expedite your sign-in process and offer you many convenient benefits:

  • Purchasing a package of drop-in classes offers a better value for the per-class rate.
  • Packages offer a one-year expiration date (except on introductory offers)
  • Classes are easily deducted from your account when you sign in for a class.
  • You can check your remaining classes online at any time from the convenience of your home or phone, etc.
  • Automated emails keep you apprised of expiration dates.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?
Yes, Gift Certificates are available for any dollar amount for the purchase of classes, workshops, and Pilates appointments. Gift Cards have no expiration & are non-refundable.

How do I know if a class is right for me?
You are welcome to attend any classes. Think about why you want to take a class. Are you interested in recreational fun, burning calories, or learning or improving a technique? Dance technique classes such as ballet, modern, contemporary, or Classical Indian are offered and specify a level indicating its relative difficulty. If you are looking for a class to dance and have fun, there are a variety of classes such as Hip Hop, Videodance™, or Pop Jazz. If fitness is your focus then you will want to check out the many conditioning or dance fitness classes. If you are not sure about a class, have questions about the level, or just want more information, feel free to contact us.

What do you suggest for a great cardio workout?
Several classes have a cardio component. Many dance technique classes will give you the cardio you need. But if you're looking to focus primarily on your aerobic fitness, a real fat burner, we suggest CardioPOP!, Turbo Kick®, Zumba®, and West African Dance. Barre Cardio and Pilates Cardio offer a low impact cardio option.

I just want to dance. What do you suggest?
You have come to the right place! Dance technique classes are offered at several levels for teens and adults: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and modern, just to name a few. Technique classes will teach you a style of dance. If you looking for a fun hour to just dance for fun, then you may want to try Contemporary Choreography, Hip Hop, or Videodance™. But dance is what we do so there is a lot offered. Check out the schedule or if you are not sure about a class, have questions about the level, or just want more information, feel free to contact us.

Do you have classes that don't include dance?
Yes! If you are looking to work muscle groups without the dance component then we recommend Arms & Abs, Barre Cardio, Ballet Fit, Below The Belt, Body Sculpting, Pilates Cardio, Pilates Resistance, Pilates Mat, or Body Strong.

What's the difference between a class and a workshop?
Classes are offered on a drop-in basis allowing you to begin at any time and come when you can. Classes allow for a very flexible schedule and the ability to take a variety of classes with your drop-in class series purchase. Workshops are enrollment-based and have a beginning and an end date and a set number of weeks.

Tell me about your instructors.
Over 30 instructors teach at Ballet Austin's Butler Community School. Instructors are uniquely trained in their field of dance and/or fitness. They are authentic and experienced in what they teach. Click here to find out more about the Butler Community School instructors.

How old do I have to be to take a class?
Drop-in classes are geared towards adults but are open to teens to attend as well.

Workshops available to adults, teens (ages 13-16), and kids (ages 3-12).

Camps for Kids
are also available during the spring/summer.

Do you have classes for older adults?

Many of the classes offered by the Butler Community School are suitable for older adults at a variety of fitness levels. Looking for something less intense? Feldenkrais is a great drop-in class offered at noon on Fridays. You may also be interested in registering for a Better Balance & Movement Workshop. If you have a questions about a particular class, feel free to Contact Us.

What is Pilates and do you have Pilates at Ballet Austin?
Yes! We do have a state-of-the-art Pilates Center in our building. For more information about Pilates and booking appointments at Ballet Austin click here.

What should I wear for class?
In general, we suggest you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes that you can move in, like shorts, sweats, yoga pants, jazz pants, t-shirts, tanks, etc. For a ballet class, leotard and tights is recommended but not required.

Ballet - ballet technique shoes
Ballet Fit - ballet technique shoes or socks
Jazz - jazz shoes or dance sneakers.
For Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk - please wear clean street shoes.
For Modern, West African, and Hula, just bare feet is fine

Do you ever offer classes or workshops to groups at the work place/business, come out to an event to teach or demo?
Yes! We are very involved in the community and love the opportunity to speak about the importance of lifelong health and fitness, and how to get fit and have fun through regular physical activity.

We also love to attend events and offer some of our favorite classes. If your group or organization would like to class together we can arrange that as well (see below) Contact us for more information.

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes! For a variety of reasons you may desire to book a private lesson with one of the Butler Community School dance or fitness instructors.

Learn a special dance for:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday Party
  • Quintanilla
  • The club
  • To get ready for an audition
  • Any special event

Book a private fitness/wellbeing session (does not apply to the Pilates Center reformer appointments):

  • Individualized motivation to workout
  • Balance therapy

Special private group sessions for tour groups, organizations, or a group of friends or colleagues wanting to take a dance or fitness class together:

  • Group rates for private group classes or groups attending a class together.
  • Add fun and energy to meetings, enjoy a new fresh activity with your sorority sisters, group of friends, or colleagues, or just get a group together to make memories! Dance is a fun and fantastic way to build camaraderie through a shared experience with your group.
  • Please Email Us for more information.
For more information about private lessons and rates email Vicki Parsons.

Do you have locker rooms and showers?
There are dressing rooms available. The men’s and women’s dressing rooms downstairs each have a shower.  There are a limited number of lockers that may be used while in the building for a class. Please do not leave personal locks on lockers other than during class time.

Is there parking available on site?
PARKING: If parking is not available in Ballet Austin's lot, FREE DAYTIME PARKING IS AVAILABLE AT CITY HALL: Ballet Austin validates parking in the parking garage underneath Austin City Hall, 301 W. Second Street. The garage entrance to the City Hall parking garage is located on the East side of the building on Lavaca Street (one way street running North). Enter the garage from the left lane and follow the signs to visitor parking.

For additional parking information CLICK HERE

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If you did not see an answer to your question please email Vicki Parsons, Butler Community School Director, or call the office at 512.501.8704.

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