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Dance & Movement Workshops for Kids

Dance for kids breaks through boredom, and it's great exercise!
Sign up your child today for dance, movement, and fun!

By offering activities children enjoy using dance, play, and music, they are motivated to move and begin to understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Your kids will love the non-competitive, fun environment that promotes learning a variety of dance styles in a kid-friendly way.

Kids Dance & Movement Workshops now enrolling:

Dance Workshops for Teens

Workshops require enrollment before the start date*. If the workshop has already started please call to check on space availability. 512.501.8704.

Dance & Movement for Kids & Families

Kids Active Play! - ages 3 & 4


Calling all Kids ages 3 & 4! Action packed fun!

Kids Active Play! offers 40 minutes of organized active play that will get young children moving with silly songs, action games, and plenty of fun.

Physical activity is vital for a child's development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. When it comes to kids, the best form of physical activity is play! Play is the natural mode for children to learn and move. Turn on fun music and children move naturally.

Between the ages of three and four years children are learning to use the large muscles in their legs, arms, and trunk to run, jump, skip, throw, and hop. It's also an important time to kick in the cardio activity.

Most of the first 12 months of life a child spends learning to move against gravity (being able to move their body from an upright position like sitting or standing. They then learn to balance on two feet, becoming more adept at moving quickly and coordinating eyes, hands, and feet.

Kids Active Play! maximizes a child's natural energy, curiosity, and creativity.

During each class children will be lead through a series of active & creative play activities and games that encourage their bodies to move. Silly songs and action words such as hop, jump, slide, crawl, bounce, squiggle, wiggle, wave, waddle, balance, twist, and many more are incorporated into each class.

Keep Preschoolers active!


Stories & Music in Motion! The Sleeping Beauty - For Preschoolers & Parents to do together! (toddlers through age 5)

A 45-minute family workshop with The Sleeping Beauty story and music theme.

Wednesday, April 30
- 11:00am - 11:45am

Kids love stories and music, and kids love to move! And so do parents! This special active story time offers 45 minutes of movement, story, and fun based on the theme from a favorite preschool story and music...for parents and preschoolers together.

Stories & Music in Motion in April will be based on The Sleeping Beauty.

Every child loves the story of The Sleeping Beauty. The 45 minutes combines story, movement, music, and play for parent and preschooler fun! Kids love stories and music, and kids love to move and dance! And so do parents! Come join the land of 'Once upon a time' with kings, queens, princesses and fairies for a very unique movement-based story time.

The Sleeping Beauty April 30

45-minute family workshop costs $15 for the family ($15 covers parent and child)

Please sign up ahead of time. Limited space.


Kids Bollywood Dance - ages 8 -12

Saturdays, DATES TBD / 12:15pm - 1:00pm (4 weeks)

Join us for a colorful experience of Bollywood music and dance!

Kids Bollywood will introduce children ages 8-12 to the beautiful Bollywood dance styles of India.

Authentic and tons of fun! And a great way to get kids active too!

Bollywood dancing got its name from Indian dance styles used in the Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India. Even our First Lady has danced Bollywood! It's so much fun!

4-week workshop costs $60



Kids Dance Around the World - ages 5 - 8 (For parents to join in too if they want to!)

Thursdays, June 12 - July 10 / 1:00pm - 1:45pm (4 weeks - no class on July 3)

Dance goes global for kids at Ballet Austin!

Kids Dance Around the World will take kids ages 5-8 on a world tour as they learn fun dances from many countries and cultures around the world such as African Dance, Latin American Salsa, Indian Bollywood, and a variety of cultural folk dances.

Each week children will get moving and have fun as they learn new music and dance, often using props such as maracas, drums, and ribbons. A great way for kids to get physical activity and learn about world dance at the same time!

PARENTS WELCOME TOO! Kids Dance Around the World is open to parents to join their kids on this world tour of cultural and ethnic dance. Moms and dads...come dance!

Dancing together allows parents and kids to focus less on “exercise” and more on “active” time spent together. Being active together brings families together. Through the fun and variety of Kids Dance Around the World children can learn at an early age how important and fun it is to make physical fitness a part of daily life. Parents “working out” and dancing with their kids also provides the extra bonus of spending quality time together.

Full of fun and energy, this is a class children won't want to miss. A family opportunity to discover folk dances from around the world and have fun learning together.

4-week workshop costs $60
. Early Bird rate of $55 through May 21.



Kids Hip Hop - Ages 7-12

Saturdays, June 7 - June 28 / 2:30pm - 3:15pm (4 weeks)

Hey kids, check it out! Hip Hop for kids!

These fun and funky classes are for kids ages 8-12 who have little or no previous hip hop experience but want to move and groove!

Current dance styles plus floor moves are introduced in a fun and kid-friendly class and the opportunity to showcase for parents on the last day.

Kids will learn choreography and simple tricks.

Not only is hip hop a fun favorite, but other benefits include exercise, team building and creativity.

Teen Hip Hop for ages 12-16 is also available.

4-week workshop costs $60. Early Bird rate of $55 through May 21.

Enrollment is required ahead of time.
This workshop does fill!


Kids Imagination Movement - A 4-week Creative Movement workshop

Ages 4 and 5

Hey Kids! Get ready for an imagination adventure with Miss Jenny!

Children ages 4 & 5 will have a magical and adventurous experience as both movement and imagination are combined to offer a fun way to keep kids active.

Each week we will tell a new story through movement, music, dance and play. Children will wander through enchanted forests and over snowy mountain tops discovering magical characters along the way.

Kids Imagination Movement maximizes a child's natural energy, curiosity, imagination, and creativity. A great way to keep kids active.

Bring your imagination and come ready to move and have fun!

4-week workshop costs $60

Enrollment is required ahead of time.


Kids Modern Dance - ages 7-12

Returns Fall 2014.

Kid's Modern Dance offers children an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of modern dance and is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

Kid's Modern introduces the basic principles of modern dance with an emphasis on alignment, strength, flexibility and coordination. Imparted in a kid friendly way, this class will teach kids about elegance and playfulness through the art of dance. Modern dance nurtures a creative spirit and encourages children to learn movement from the inside out.

4-week workshop costs $60

Enrollment is required ahead of time.


Zumba® Kids! A Zumba® dance program just for kids! - ages 5-9

Saturdays, June 7 - June 28 / 11:30pm - 12:15pm (4 weeks)

Zumba® Kids is Zumba® designed exclusively for kids! Best after-school activity around!

The perfect combination of dance, fitness and fun! Kids love to crank up the music, do a little dance, shake, wiggle and have a blast with their friends.

Kids love to dance. What a great way to get a workout while having fun at the same time?

Kids get fit, rock out and have a blast in Zumba®!

Classes are high-energy party-like workouts for ages 5-9. Games, age-appropriate latin-inspired music, and easy-to-learn dance steps are used to encourage children to be active while helping them develop fundamental dance and movement skills in a fun environment. Zumba® Kids classes increase focus and self-confidence, boost metabolism and improve coordination.

CLICK HERE to see a sample of what a Zumba® Kids class might be like.

Watch this CNN news report on how the Zumba® Kids fitness program is helping kids stay fit while dancing and having fun!

4-week workshop costs $60


Classes and workshops for adults too!

For more information about the Butler Community School, Click Here or call 512.501.8704.

A great place Come Dance. Get Fit! Have Fun!


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