The Little Black Dress Challenge

It’s party dress season!

There's always a party or gala to attend in Austin so plan ahead and get your body in shape!

Step One: Selecting the perfect dress that will make you look and feel great.

Step Two: Getting the body to look good in the dress!  

In as little as 8 weeks, tone and firm arms, shoulders, and waist, and lose weight for that special occasion.  

"When I started my Black Dress Challenge, my instructor told me with total confidence that Pilates would re-build me from the inside out.  I'm not sure I really believed her.  I was worn out and I kept re-injuring the same ankle.  Multiple black dress events loomed in my future.  But I'm stunned by my progress.  I'm not the same person that showed up that first day in the studio.  Definitely stronger.  Leaner.  And it's a huge stress reliever.  Friends tell me they see the difference as well, both in stature and attitude.  I'm not quite able to leap tall buildings, but week by week I'm re-claiming more and more beloved pieces in my wardrobe!" Karen Sonleitner

Your Challenge:

  • Schedule 13 Pilates sessions (1 private and 12 group) through the Pilates Studio in an 8-week period of time. (we'll give you longer if you need it)
    • This package includes one single 1-hour PRIVATE appointment to get started and 12 GROUP appointments.
    • We recommend 3 sessions per week for best results. Appointments may be scheduled 7 days a week so find the time that works for you and get started soon!

Your commitment and determination will be the key, but there are great rewards waiting for you at the end of 8 weeks. 

Our Commitment to you:

  • Encouragement to stick with your workout plan during the 8 weeks and help you finish the Little Black Dress Challenge.

  • Many compliments along the way!

So pick out the dress that will inspire you to stay with your workout plan!

Get started today and take The Little Black Dress Challenge!

To begin your challenge:

  • Purchase the Little Black Dress Challenge package online or call 512.501.8704 for assistance with your package.
    • This package is valued at $460 when appointments are purchased individually
    • Purchase the Little Black Dress Challenge for only $385!

  • After making your purchase, contact Vlada Sheber, Ballet Austin’s Pilates Program Director to book your PRIVATE appointment.
    Mention The Little Black Dress Challenge! when you call or email

*One offer per person

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