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I Was Triple Dared But Accepted The Challenge!

July 19th, 2012

We are going to be wrapping up the Ballet Austin staff “Get Moving Challenge” soon. Several of my colleagues have already shared their challenges with you. It’s been fun and motivating to read their stories! Next on the agenda is Ballet Austin’s new Marketing Director Tim Dillon. Quite an initiation for Tim! Check out his blog…

Tim Dillon, Marketing Director

I am one of the newest employees at Ballet Austin and the staff challenge is the first time I’ve taken classes at the Butler Community School. After agreeing to participate, I found myself staring at the expansive list of drop-in classes available, wondering where to start.

As someone who is not a fan of the typical gym workout, I tend to find the repetitiveness of lifting weights and running on a treadmill a bit boring. As a result, I’m always looking for a workout that mixes cardio along with building muscle. So, I was immediately drawn to the class offerings of Pilates, arms and abs conditioning and below the belt.

With the clock ticking on my assignment due date and no decision made on my part as to where to begin, my colleague Eric Caruthers walked past my office one day and asked, “Jazz Fit class tomorrow night?” Without really thinking about it, I responded, “Sure!” What I didn’t think through was the fact that I have never before danced to choreography. Of course, I’ve spent many, many nights “cutting a rug” on a nightclub dance floor, but have never followed dance steps to the instruction of someone else. This was going to be interesting.

The very experienced Meghan Gill Bowman leads the 60-minute Jazz Fit class. We started with a 30-minute warm up  similar to a fast-paced Yoga class. We did a lot of full-body stretching and lengthening in yoga-esque moves, and went from twists, to push ups, to lunges and beyond so fast that I worked up a sweat immediately. Just when my body was giving in and tired, we started the choreography, dancing to one of Madonna’s most recent releases “Give Me All Your Luvin’.” (One of my least favorite Madonna songs of all time, but that’s commentary for a different blog.)  I learned one thing really quickly: I’m not very good at remembering choreography., and sometimes had trouble remembering what was supposed to come next… Was it a kick, or turn or a shimmy? But it didn’t matter that I couldn’t remember. I was laughing, sweating and thoroughly enjoying the class. Later, and especially the next day, I could feel the results in my tightest muscles, the hamstrings.

My second class was chosen mostly out of convenience. I normally find myself being fairly lazy on Sundays, but Ballet Fit at 1:00pm seemed like a perfect fit. Being late enough in the day makes it easy to take care of errands and eat a full meal beforehand. And it’s fairly low impact so I didn’t expect it to wear me out. Plus, I was also excited to learn some of the ballet lingo that is so often used around the office.

The very graceful Kaitlyn Moise leads this fun class that again had a very familiar feel to Yoga. Kaitlyn had us go through fast rounds of stretching and warming up, much of which I found myself unable to keep up. When Kaitlyn would call for and count 10 push-ups I could make it through 6 or 7, but it was okay. Again I was laughing and sweating, and felt the burn again in my hamstrings, so I knew I was getting a good work out.

For my final class in the challenge I thought I better get back into my comfort zone and steer away from choreography this time, so I took Arms and Abs Conditioning – a very popular weekday morning class. Led by the sweet and passionate Brittany Harpole, the class uses a lot of props including a rubber ball, weights and various tensions of Therabands. Brittany led the 45-minute class on a fast-paced round of various exercises that focused, of course, on our arms and abs, but I also felt the workout in my back, shoulders, and legs. It was high energy and fun. Again, I found out there were some reps that I could not complete, but it just gave me motivation to want to come back again and again until I can do it all.. It wasn’t until two days after the class that I felt the effects… Especially when I coughed or laughed.

This staff challenge was the perfect motivation to throw myself into classes that I may not normally have considered. I encourage you to think outside your comfort zone and come try a drop-in class at BCS soon.

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