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The Best Exercise In The World…Guaranteed!

December 29th, 2012

Got your attention, didn’t I? In case you are scrolling down to find the answer…wait! Read carefully to discover what is considered to be the best exercise in the world! Everyone is telling you to get moving, get active, get fit! There are local and national initiatives to fight the obesity trends. At Ballet Austin one of our core values is, “We dance…to encourage lifelong health and well-being.”  The Butler Community School  (BCS) desires people to adopt healthy lifestyles through dance and regular physical activity. We even have a FREE event planned at Ballet Austin on January 13 wrapped around the fitness craze! But what does all of this mean for you and me?

Here’s the deal…I know the human body was designed for activity, and by exercising regularly I will look and feel better. I also know it is something I have to do for the rest of my life…be active to stay active. My training and experience in the field of recreation and aging remind me that what I don’t use, I lose. Muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory strength, flexibility, balance, and overall health, all increase if I move now, but I stay strong because I stay active. I know all that!  But if the average lifespan of a female is 80 years, that’s a long time to stick with something just to stick with something. It takes a convincing exercise program for me to keep doing it for 80 years! What will it take for you? Forget the 80…what will it take for you to be active this year? What is the best exercise in the world for you? The answer…don’t be mad at me…because I don’t have your answer! It’s your choice. Be active your way! Whatever works for you! The philosophy is that IF you find an activity that keeps you moving, that you enjoy, you will maintain a higher level of involvement for a longer period of time.

So what is the best exercise in the world for you? Whatever you enjoy and will keep doing! Walking the dog, playing golf, raking leaves, running the trail, riding a bike, Pilates, even dancing! It’s anything that will get you moving and keep you moving! Choose an activity that’s easy to fit into your life. If it’s easy you’ll do it. If it’s fun, social, refreshing…you will do it! Do you like people? Find people. Like the outdoors? Go outside! Are you a morning person? Get out of bed and get active! Wherever you are in your fitness journey…it is never too late to start, change, and for sure keep going. There is not an age you reach when you are done!

What’s the best exercise for you? Your way…guaranteed!

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