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May 9th, 2012

One of the best things about my job is meeting the people who take classes at the Butler Community School. I love the stories of motivation, determination, and success. They happen all around me every day. One thing I have learned from listening to these stories is that inspiration and motivation are unique to each individual. What does it take for someone to step into their workout clothing and get active; to keep going? Motivation is a lot more complex than most of us realize. I am intrigued by it. And because I am touched and inspired by many of the people who tell me their stories, I will pass these stories on in the hopes that you too may be inspired.

I received the following in an email a couple of weeks ago. While she chooses to remain anonymous, her story should be a motivation to all of us:

“In December, my husband surprised me with tickets to The Nutcracker, and while we were waiting for it to start, I saw the advertisement for fitness classes at the BCS.  The next month, one day after getting on the scale, I decided it was finally time to get healthy.  I also saw my 35th birthday looming, and I realized that not exercising would only get harder the more I put it off.  I accepted that not exercising was irresponsible and having not done any regular exercise in YEARS (a decade?) was not good.  So, I made the decision to change my way of life and signed up for a $99 unlimited pass for fitness & dance classes at the BCS.  I had always put off exercising because of the cost, type of activity, or any other reason.  Up through college, I was much more active – swimming, tennis team, horseback riding, canoeing, and ten years of ballet.  After college, other things took up my life and exercising/activity seemed to fall away.

Using the unlimited pass, I was able to get myself going right off the bat.  I tried Toni Bravo’s Body Sculpting, Brittany Harpole’s Below the Belt, Arms & Abs, Body Stretch, and Turbo Kick®.  I also tried Zumba® and HAPA.  For one month I went to 24 classes and I felt so much better.  It was a real struggle at the beginning transitioning from a sessile lifestyle to one where I was pushing my body almost every day.  I had absolutely no strength or stamina and I often had to rest during a set or do it at a slower pace.  And was I sore!  But now I can go to Toni’s class and, while it’s still challenging, I can keep up.

I am so glad I found the BCS.  It provides fun exercise, a positive environment, and personable instructors I enjoy.  There are no more excuses for me. I recently signed up for the Thera-Band® Stretch Workshop, which I am finding very challenging, but in a good way.  All the classes have improved my breathing, flexibility, strength, and overall health. I still have a long way to go, but the positive results I’ve seen so far are a great motivator.

About a month ago, my husband and I also started a gentle, beginner jogging program to add regular cardio exercise.  The BCS classes, the jogging, and making subtle changes to my diet have resulted in a 10 pound loss so far.  Weight loss is a goal, but I really just want to have overall better health.  I have about 15-20 pounds to go until I reach a healthy weight and I am hoping to be close to that by the end of this calendar year.”

What’s your story?

Email me at and you might see yourself in Real People – Real Stories.

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