Kids in Motion - Dance & Fitness for ages 3-16!


Kids Zone

Dance & Movement for Kids & Families

Ages 3 - 12

Being active isn't hard when you're a kid. Kids love to move simply because it's fun.

Physical Activity is important for a child's development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.

For kids, the best form of physical activity is through play, dance, and music. The end result is fun!

Several opportunities for families to join in too.

Babywearing Barre Workout
Stories & Music in Motion!
Kids Imagination Movement
Zumba® for Families!
Kids Disney Favorites
Kids Hip Hop
Family Hip Hop

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Kids Camps

Ages 4 - 14

Winter and Summer Camps
for Kids!

Camps are a great way for kids to explore new ways of expressing themselves in a fun and creative environment.

Camps emphasize both movement and the arts, giving children an introduction to the importance of physical activity and the performing arts at an early age.

Winter Wonderland Camp
Imagination in Motion Camp
The Broadway Kids Camp
The Broadway Experience
Dance Discoveries Camp

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Check out the Dance Camps and Workshops for Teens too!

Dance & Fitness Classes & Camps for Teens

Ages 11-16

There are several dance and fitness workshops and camps designed specifically for teens.

Beginning Ballet
Broadway Jazz
POP Jazz
Broadway Experience Camp
Spring Break Dance Intensive

Learn more about dance and fitness classes for teens!

Teens 13 and older can also attend our adult drop-in classes offered 7 days a week.

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