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Meet instructors, trial Pilates reformer classes, and more. RSVP and join us Sept. 13!

Ballet Austin's professional staff of certified Pilates instructors are here to help you get the most out of your Pilates experience. It doesn't matter if you are an elite athlete or a couch potato, a professional dancer or someone with two left feet, Pilates can help you feel better, stronger and more vital.

Options if you are new to Pilates, or to Ballet Austin's Pilates Center:

If you are not new to Pilates you may be interested in:

For more information about the Pilates Center call 512.501.8704.

What is Pilates?

Pilates has been around for almost 100 year when it was created in the 1920s by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates. The Pilates "method," as it is now known, is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength and body awareness, without necessarily building bulk. Two of the key elements of Pilates are core muscle strength and spinal alignment.

Check out these interesting facts about Pilates.

The first step for new clients is to become oriented to the reformers and learn how Pilates works. A series of at least 3 private appointments is recommended before booking group or duet appointments.

Our professional staff will focus on your body’s needs. Because exercises can be developed with modifications, an individualized workout program that is safe and challenging can be designed for anyone at any age and level of conditioning.




  1. New Client Intro 5-session Package - designed to offer an introduction to Pilates and provide information and private Pilates training to the Pilates beginner.
  2. $235 Intro to Pilates Package (valued at $300) Includes:

    • 5 private 45-minute sessions on the Pilates reformer
      • Appointments must be scheduled within 8 weeks after purchase date.
      • Beginner level orientation offered at each session to introduce new clients to the Pilates method and machines.

    For assistance with your purchase call 512.501.8704.

  3. New Client Mini Intro 3-session Package is a smaller package option designed to offer the same introduction to Pilates and provide information through 3 private Pilates training sessions. This is a great start for the Pilates beginner. After three sessions you will be ready to book group or duet appointments.

    $140 Mini Intro to Pilates Package (valued at $180) Includes:

    • 3 private 45-minutesessions on the Pilates reformer
      • Appointments must be scheduled within 8 weeks after purchase date.
      • Beginner level orientation offered at each session to introduce new clients to the Pilates method and machines.

    For assistance with your purchase call 512.501.8704.

  4. The Pilates New Client Weekend Package* includes 5 40-minute private apparatus appointments and one FREE group apparatus appointment (total value $312).

    The Weekend Package includes 6 appointments for $230 ($312 value).

    • Purchase the Weekend Package online today and book your Saturday or Sunday appointments soon. The 6 appointments must be booked within 10 weeks from first scheduled appointment, and may be used for weekend appointments only.
    For assistance with your purchase call 512.501.8704.

    *This package applies to Saturday & Sunday Appointments only. If your appointment is outside of regular business hours you may ring the doorbell at the 3rd St. door (west end of building) and you will be buzzed in by the Pilates instructor.


  • The Prenatal Intro to Pilates Package is designed to offer an introduction to Pilates and provide information and private Pilates training to women during pregnancy.

  • 5 private 40-minute sessions on the Pilates reformer for $200 (valued at $280)
    • Beginner level orientation offered to introduce new clients to the Pilates method and machines.
    • Certified and experienced Pilates instructors will guide you through any stage of your pregnancy.


  • The Pilates Back Pain Rehab Package is designed to get you on your way to better health as well as relieve pain.

  • Core strength helps reduce the impact of increased pressure through spine and discs.
    • The Pilate Back Pain Rehab packages are offered in 10, 20 and 30 session packages. Private instruction with a trained and certified Pilates instructor on the classical Pilates reformer will offer you a personalized private 30-minute appointment throughout your series.


  • Getting married soon? Looking to fit into that special dress? Or do you just want to look and feel better? Check out the packages below (limit of one package per person):

    • The Wedding Dress Challenge
      Need to tone and firm for the big day? In as little as 8 weeks, tone and lose weight for your wedding day! The package includes one private Pilates session and 12 group Pilates reformer appointments.
    • The Little Black Dress Challenge
      Get your body ready for party dress season, or any party you want to look marvelous for! In as little as 8 weeks the 1 private and 12 group reformer sessions will get you on your way!

To book a an appointment after making a purchase:

WE RESPECTFULLY REQUIRE THAT YOU PROVIDE AT LEAST 12 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE FOR CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS. This requirement allows enough time to fill the spot with another client. Thank you for your courtesy, and for allowing us to serve all our clients.

If this cancellation does not occur within our early cancellation window (12 hours), your account will be deducted for the appointment as if you had attended.

Private/Duet clients: if you do not have a current series, your credit/debit card on file will be charged for a single appointment.

To cancel an appointment call 512.501.8704 ext 135 or email Vlada Sheber.

Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Ballet Austin's Pilates Center Includes:

The Pilates Center

A 1500 square foot facility, the Pilates Center includes 2 studios equipped with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment by Balanced Body. The Pilates Center is staffed by 8 certified instructors. Individual private sessions and group reformer classes are scheduled by appointment for those new to Pilates and those looking for a more advanced workout.

A variety of Pilates workout options including reformers and chairs by Balanced Body.


Individual private instruction, duets, and Group Reformer Classes

Single appointments and recurring appointment series are available for purchase*.

Pilates Appointment Rates: Click here and choose Pilates Center Appointments in the dropdown menu to view rates and/or make a purchase. Pricing is based on the type and length of the appointment you book.

  • The Master Instructor private session is a private appointment with the Pilates Program Director and Core Connections certified instructor Vlada Sheber.
  • A Private session is one client with individual attention from a certified Pilates instructor.
  • A Duet session is an appointment shared by two clients with one certified Pilates instructor.
    • NOTE: Clients purchasing and booking Duet appointments must arrange for their own duet partner during an appointment.
  • Group Reformer Classes may be 4 to 8 clients (each on their own reformer) with one certified Pilates instructor leading the workout. Group classes must be booked in advance.
  • A Trio Session is an appointment shared by three clients booking together with an instructor.
    • NOTE: Clients purchasing and booking Trio appointments must arrange for their own trio partners during an appointment. If one of the trio clients in unable to attend, the appointment will be booked and paid for as a duet appointment.

*Pilates session purchases may not be shared between two clients.

Pilates-Based Workshops

Pilates Pink Ribbon Post Operative Program for Breast Cancer Survivors.

Pilates-based Drop-in Classes

Dance and fitness classes are offered outside the Pilates Center 7 days a week. Several Pilates-based classes using Pilates principles and taught by Certified Pilates Instructors are also offered on a drop-in basis.

Find out more about the drop-in classes offered and get started today!

About Pilates:

  • Core strength is the foundation of Pilates. The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles located in the abdomen and the back. When the core muscles are strong and doing their job, which is the goal of Pilates training, they work together with the more superficial muscles of the trunk to support the spine and movement. As you develop core strength you develop strength throughout your entire upper body.
  • Overall benefits of Pilates include increased flexibility, leaner muscles, improved posture, improved coordination, and increased strength.
  • Pilates workouts can be beneficial in rehabilitation from injury. Pilates is often recommended by physical therapists and doctors.
  • Pilates is popular with athletes. Many professional athletes use Pilates as part of their workout routine to strengthen and elongate muscles, align the body and balance muscle inconsistencies.
"Pilates changed my life. Pilates Director Vlada Sheber and her experienced staff provide outstanding instruction for the novice (me being the least flexible) and most flexible alike in a comfortable, but challenging, atmosphere. Besides, it is cool to tell your friends that you work out with Ballet Austin's prima ballerinas!" ~ Terry O. Tottenham Of Counsel FULBRIGHT & Jaworski L.L.P

A great place Come Dance. Get Fit! Have Fun!

LOCATION: 501 W. 3rd St. (downtown on the corner of 3rd and San Antonio St)

PARKING: If parking is not available in Ballet Austin's lot, FREE DAYTIME PARKING IS AVAILABLE AT CITY HALL: Ballet Austin validates parking in the parking garage underneath Austin City Hall, 301 W. Second Street. The garage entrance to the City Hall parking garage is located on the East side of the building on Lavaca Street (one way street running North). Enter the garage from the left lane and follow the signs to visitor parking.

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