The Wedding Dress Challenge

Every bride-to-be wants to look her very best on her wedding day...

  • Step One: After the engagement, select the perfect dress that will make you look and feel great for that special day.

  • Step Two: Build your body confidence with a workout that targets those areas usually exposed when wearing a wedding dress: the arms, shoulders, and back. YOU take care of the eating healthy part and let us help you work on your body to look amazing in the dress!

In as little as 8 weeks, lose weight and tone back muscles, arms and abs for your wedding day!

Your Challenge:

  • Purchase the Pilates Wedding Dress Challenge.
    The total value of this package is $460 for the Pilates reformer appointments and another $54 for the drop-in dance or fitness classes you receive as our special wedding gift to you. You pay only $390! That's a wedding deal!

  • Schedule 13 Pilates sessions (1 private and 12 group) through the Pilates Studio in an 8-week period of time. (we'll give you longer if you need it)
    • This package includes one single 1-hour PRIVATE appointment to get started and 12 GROUP appointments.
    • We recommend 3 sessions per week for best results. Appointments may be scheduled 7 days a week so find the time that works for you and get started soon!
  • We are also gifting you 3 drop-in classes (a $54 value) Check out the schedule of drop-in conditioning or dance classes to supplement your Pilates workouts, or save until after you are married! Click here for a schedule of many great classes you can drop in to any time!

Your commitment and determination will be the key, but there are great rewards waiting for you at the end of 8 weeks...the best one being how you will look and feel in your wedding dress!

Our Commitment to you: Encouragement to stick with your workout plan during the 8 weeks and help you finish The Wedding Dress Challenge.

So pick out the perfect wedding dress that will inspire you to stay with your workout plan!
Get started today and take The Wedding Dress Challenge!

To begin your challenge:

  • Purchase the Wedding Dress Challenge package online or call 512.501.8704 for assistance.
  • After making your purchase, contact Vlada Sheber, Ballet Austin’s Pilates Director to book your first appointment

*One offer per person

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