Night of Community

Notes from Our Night of Community Audiences

"It is difficult to put into words the impact that this program has had on the families and children coping with cancer here in Austin. Night of Community events allow us to take children and families away from the hospital and provide them with a sense of normalcy and belonging, a sense of community. This program provides entertainment, inspiration, and a much needed change of pace for the families we serve. You have become an integral part of what we do here at KDF. Your willingness to support our activities by allowing us to be a part of your program makes all the difference."

Karl Haussmann

Kelly Davidson Pediatric Cancer Foundation


"Most of these students and their families deal with things every single day that most of us cannot imagine and live in a world where hopes and dreams are not expected or cultivated. But Night of Community gives these children a chance to see things that are different outside of the world they know. Thank you for giving the children we serve a window to look out of…one where they can experience the hopes and dreams of others…while creating hopes and dreams of their own. Thank you for always thinking of us and including us in your Night of Community. You are touching untold lives with each free ticket you provide."

Joyce Martin

Volunteer Services
Communities in Schools


"Our families were beside themselves with joy. We had a family from Nigeria staying with us, and the evening was pure magic for them. Thanks for making that happen!"
Kent Burress
Executive Director

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas


"Thank you so much for once again providing so many Langford Elementary students and their families the opportunity to attend the Ballet. Our students seldom have the opportunity to attend any type of live performance, concert, or even sports events and are used to being entertained primarily by television and video games. These students come away from Bass Concert Hall with their eyes wide and they talk breathlessly about how strange and beautiful are the dancers, costumes, and music. Almost as great as their enjoyment of the performance is their sense of pride in being able to tell their friends that they got to go see dancers at “that big fancy auditorium” and they got to sit up close. I know that Ballet Austin has as part of its mission a commitment to bringing excellence in dance to all the people of Austin. I thank and applaud you for continuing to give the students at Langford the chance to broaden their perspective and enjoy truly great ballet."
Kitty Sheeren, LCSW
Area Coordinator/Program Manager
Langford Elementary


"Most of the families staying in our homeless shelter are struggling to get their basic needs met. For some of our clients, these community nights were their first exposure to professional dance productions. Thank you for thinking of our residents and making the arts accessible to all members of our community."
Dawn Bayardo
Child and Family Therapist

The Salvation Army


"Three years ago the mother of one of our families was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was 7 months pregnant with her second child.  She had already purchased tickets to see Ballet Austin do Nutcracker for her and her then 4 year old daughter when she was diagnosed, but was so sick by show time that she was unable to attend.  
This year she is in complete recovery and was able to attend the Nutcracker with her 6 year old daughter and now 3 year old son, thanks to the tickets you gave us.  The entire evening brought the family to joyous tears as the reality of how far they had come in 3 years sank in while they watched the ballet they had missed 3 years ago. 
Thank you for giving that to her, and us."
Laurie Bell
Wonders and Worries
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