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Dance Revolutions

Experience Dance Revolutions, a 50-minute interactive presentation targeted at middle and high-school students. The performance uses discussion and demonstration to trace the chronological evolution of dance, from its earliest beginnings in the court dances of King Louis XIV, through the classical and neoclassical ballet forms of the last few centuries, through the athletic and powerful works of the 21st century. Students help to choreograph a phrase of contemporary dance that is then performed by the dancers. 

Please contact Pei-San Brown to find our more or to schedule your school for Dance Revolutions. // 512.476.9151 ext. 178.

 The Monologue Project – Middle School 

Ballet Austin’s current Arts Blitz program is The Monologue Project The Monologue Project bringstogether artists and educators from Ballet Austin, Pollyanna Theatre Company, Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum and the PHOENIX Center for Art & Soul. The project seeks to address the issues of on-campus bullying and intolerance by facilitating the opportunity for middle and high school students to share their personal stories.  

Learn more about The Monologue Project through our interactive multimedia tool.

In the fall of 2006, 139 students from five campuses participated in a multi-arts residency that included making sculpture, writing personal stories and monologues, and translating their writing into movement and dance. The powerful voices and distinctive perspectives of this diverse group of Greater Austin youth has been compiled into a published book, exhibits at The Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum and The Carver Museum, and transformed into an original dance theater piece, Out of Many...One/The Monologue Project, with accompanying workshops for young people and educators that will take place in the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons.  
“I am writing to commend you on The Monologue Project, which I had the distinct pleasure of attending on Oct. 27th. It was without a doubt one of the most innovative and important works I have ever seen. 

It is not often that one can be as awed by the emotional content of a piece as by its' artistry. The Monologue Project is such a work. The goal "to address the issues of on-campus bullying and intolerance by providing an opportunity for secondary school students to share their personal stories with each other" was well-conceived and wonderfully executed. The experience was both visual and auditory, creating a multi-dimensional delivery of material that is, at different times, poignant, upsetting, funny and sad. The actors delivered the students' words with dignity, and the dancers interpreted the moods with intensity. It made an impact on me and on my teen daughter that will linger for some time. The fact that the words were those of her peers made it all the more powerful to my daughter. 

I would like to ask that this work be brought to as many high schools as possible. I cannot imagine that attending this performance would not have a positive effect on the interrelationships of the students; indeed on the faculty as well. If only one child was led to open his/her mind to a greater level of tolerance it would be well worth the investment. My suspicion is that the impact would go farther than just one. As the parent of two high school students here in Austin, I cannot think of anything they are learning in school that is more important than the lesson taught in The Monologue Project. Thank you.”

Jo H., Parent, Austin

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