Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project

Ballet Austin Artistic Director Stephen Mills Among Renowned Artists to Encourage Holocaust Education at United Nations Headquarters
Watch the archived video HERE (Note: Stephen's 20min interview begins 20min into the video)

Light  / The Holocaust & Humanity Project is a full-length contemporary ballet and Holocaust education partnership that promotes the protection of human rights against bigotry and hate through arts, education, and public dialogue.

Since its world premiere in Austin in April 2005, Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project travelled to Pittsburgh from September-November 2009, culminating in performances by the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. The project returned to Austin from January-March 2012 with 46 community partners engaged in the community collaboration. The City of Miami next hosted the project from late August-November 2012, with performances and community dialogue hosted by The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Denver, Colorado welcomed Light from January-March 2013, with performances by the Colorado Ballet, which was followed by the international debut of the work through a three-city tour to Israel, September 18-October 2, 2013.

We come together as a community to explore answers to the following questions:
     How are the issues of the Holocaust relevant in our community today?
     What is our responsibility when confronted by acts of bigotry and hate?
     What actions can we take to promote understanding in our community?

National Honorary Chair
Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League

Austin Chairs
The Honorable Lee Leffingwell, Mayor of the City of Austin
Dr. Meria Carstarphen, Superintendent Austin Independent School District
Chief Art Acevedo, Austin Police Department

To bring Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project to your city email
Cookie Ruiz or call 512.476.9151 ext. 110

Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project: Excerpts

Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project

2012 Emmy Award Winning Film: Producing Light

Artistic Director Stephen Mills Among Renowned Artists to Encourage Holocaust Education at United Nations Headquarters

Watch the archived video HERE (Note: Stephen's 20min interview begins 20min into the video)

TEDxSMU: Stephen Mills on Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project

KLRU's InContext: An Emmy Award-Winning Video

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Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project News

Press Release: International Tour of Ballet Austin's Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project expands to three cities across Israel

United Nations Radio Interview

Ballet tells of Holocaust through dance

U.S. ballet company takes on tragedy in dance

Seeing the 'Light'

Ballet Sheds Light on the Holocaust

Ballet Austin to present drastically different works, back to back

Voices On Antisemitism- U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Podcast Series

Denver 2013 Press

Miami 2012 Press

Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project 2012 - Austin

KLRU-TV: Producing Light | Arts In Context

Austin 2012 Press

Watch the Jan 17 Press Conference

Breaking News: Ballet Austin Invited to Bring 'Light' to Israel

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Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project Press

Ballet Austin Artistic Director Stephen Mills Among Renowned Artists to Encourage Holocaust Education at United Nations Headquarters
United Nations
Mar 26, 2014

Ballet Austin's Artistic Director Stephen Mills has been selected to join a group of award-wining artists on April 28, 2014 who will discuss the role of art in conveying the universal lessons of the Holocaust through a variety of powerful medium, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The event is organized by the United Nations Department of Public Information's Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme in partnership with the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations and the World Jewish Congress. It will take place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., in Conference Room 1 of the Conference Building. The event is open to the public and free of cost, but registration is required.

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The Colorado Ballet and Choreographer Stephen Mills are profound and wonderful
Opus Colorado
Mar 30, 2013
By Robin McNeil

"I truly believe that Mills will be recognized as one of the great choreographers along with Balanchine, Ailey, Graham, Cunningham, Taylor, and deMille. In this ballet, his choreography was fast-paced, and required great energy and strength on the part of the dancers. It struck me as being incredibly difficult because of the physical demands. I am also sure that it took a great deal of mental strength, because there were none of the "traditional" ballet movements that so many dancers must learn when they are being trained. Above all, the choreography was enormously expressive, and every dancer in the Colorado Ballet responded to that quite easily: it is emotional and dramatic expression that makes this ballet company one of the best in the United States."

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Colorado Ballet and 100 non-profits partner in Holocaust remembrance
Denver Post
Mar 28, 2013
By Joanne Davidson

One hundred Denver-area nonprofit organizations are participating in an ambitious three-month Holocaust remembrance campaign by hosting awareness-raising events that range from panel discussions with Holocaust survivors to candle-lighting ceremonies.

The centerpiece event is Colorado Ballet's four performances of "Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project," starting Friday at Newman Center for the Performing Arts on the University of Denver campus.

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Artistic Director Stephen Mills Records Podcast for United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Musem
March 7, 2013
by Aleisa Fishman

Ballet Austin is pleased to announce the invitation from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. for Artistic Director Stephen Mills to add his verbal record to a podcast series entitled, Voices on Antisemitism aiming to raise awareness about historical and contemporary anti-Semitism through interviews with artists, scholars, activists, authors, politicians, and survivors.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Words can not describe
Beit Avi-Chai
Jan 23, 2013

"I tried to make sense of an inner reality, to find meaning in my American identity, as well as my identity as a citizen of the world," says Mills, director of the Ballet Company of Austin, Texas. "Dark shadow of war was in the air at the time, and suddenly I felt my dance world hollow and meaningless. Decided I must find a way to develop more in-depth dialogue with my audience, to create a dance that has meaning."

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Ballet Austin's 'Holocaust & Humanity' has powerful moments at Arsht
The Miami Herald
Nov 5, 2012
by Jordan Levin

The most powerful segments were those that engaged most directly, physically and originally with events. In a section that evoked the death camp transports the dancers, stripped to white briefs and undershirts and became a writhing mass that slowly moved across the stage shedding dancers, a grinding machine spitting out bodies.

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Ballet About Holocaust Battles Intolerance
Associated Press
Nov 1, 2012
by Chris Tomlinson

For 12 minutes, a deafening air raid siren reverberates through the theater, as one-by-one the dancers fall out of the light, and roll into the darkness. The abstract scene with its single spotlight could represent a church in Rwanda, a labor camp in Cambodia or a gas chamber in Europe.

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The story also appeared in:
      Anchorage Daily News, Anchorage, AK
      The Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, WA
      The Huffington Post
      Newsday, Long Island, NY
      San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA
      Stamford Advocate, Stamford, CT, Roanoke, VA
      WTOP FM, Washington D.C., Albany, NY
      Yahoo! News

Ballet Austin's Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project: A Redemption Dance
Miami New Times
Nov 1, 2012
by Cultist

Like so many of us, after 9/11, I had to understand my world in a new way. I had to ask myself what was my purpose as a dancer and a dance maker. I needed to find a way to connect more deeply both with myself and with my practice of dance.

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Stephen Mills: Art Leveraged for the Greater Good
Miami New Times
Oct 31, 2012
by Steve Gladstone

The Anti-Defamation League has fought anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry through information, education, legislation and advocacy for a century.

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ADL Celebrates centennial, culture
Miami Sun Sentinel
Oct 18, 2012
by Sergio Carmona

The events include a soul-stirring ballet, awareness projects, youth concerts, a one-man play, a family festival and anti-bullying workshops.

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Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project
Oct 11, 2012
by Paul Leary

The events include a soul-stirring ballet, awareness projects, youth concerts, a one-man play, a family festival and anti-bullying workshops.

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Holocaust lectures scheduled for Arsht Center
The Miami Herald
Oct 7, 2012
by Bea L. Hines

The symposium will feature world-class historians and Holocaust experts who will attempt to educate the community about the messages of the Holocaust.

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Ballet the linchpin of 'Holocaust and Humanity' project
The Miami Herald
Oct 5, 2012
by Jordan Levin

"It was raining, and she was crying the whole way there," Mills says. "They got there, the rain stopped, she walked through those famous gates and turned around, and there, standing at the car, were 15 people, her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. The Nazis hadn't triumphed over her."

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Symposium to focus on Holocaust awareness
Jewish Journal
Sep 27, 2012
by Sergio Carmona

The symposium, taking place from Oct. 13-14, is free to the community and features nationally-renowned authors and historians who will share lessons on the impact of the Holocaust through ...

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A project dedicated to stopping growth of hate
The Miami Herald
Sep 10, 2012
by Andrew C. Hall

That day I vowed not to overlook any similar event ever again. The recollection of that day is my reminder of how easy the road of indifference is to take. It also reminds me that I, too, took the easy road that day.

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The Five Most Exciting Stage Events Coming to the Arsht Center This Season
Miami New Times
Aug 29, 2012
by John Tomason

This epic work in five sections begins at the dawn of time, diagnoses decades of exploitation, bigotry, and internment, and finally suggests hope for the triumph of the human spirit.

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Arsht Center embarking on Holocaust education
Jewish Journal
July 11, 2012

"This focus will bring awareness on to community groups that are doing work for Holocaust education, human rights and civil rights and we are also including the platform of ballet, which is the springboard to start this conversation in or community."

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Arsht projects spotlight rights
The Miami Herald
July 8, 2012

The Adrienne Arsht Center is presenting a major collaborative project that uses a ballet based on the Holocaust as a jumping-off point to examine prejudice and human rights.

Click here for part one.
Click here for part two.
Click here for part three.

[Press Release]
July 2012
by the Adrienne Arsht Center

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County proudly announces LIGHT / THE HOLOCAUST & HUMANITY PROJECT. This program will be a three-month, county-wide human rights collaboration ...

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Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project in Austin 2012

Ballet Austin to tour 3 Israeli Cities
June 22, 2012
by Jeanne Clair van Ryzin

Ballet Austin's tour of Israel just got bigger. Following an initial invitation to perform at Israel's Akko Festival in Sept. 2012, BAllet Austin officials today announced the company will tour ...

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Artists Can Make Change
Austin American-Statesman
April 19, 2012
by Stephen Mills

Art can't change the world. People change the world. But art can act as a catalyst for change. Art can inspire and motivate people to be better through the creation of ...

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Behind the scenes with Ballet Austin's 'Light: The Holocaust & Humanity Project'
April 17, 2012
by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

On April 19 at 7:30 p.m., in conjunction with Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day, KLRU will debut "Producing Light," a 60-minute documentary ... [following] artistic director Stephen Mills and company over the last several months as they re-mounted Mills' acclaimed ballet, 'Light/ Holocaust and Humanity Project.' ...

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Ballet Austin: Moving Toward the Light
The Austin Chronicle
March 30, 2012
by Adam Roberts

Those who did not attend Ballet Austin's remount of Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project last weekend missed an unmistakably transformative experience. .. Light refused its audiences the usual comfort of an evening at the ballet. Instead, we were confronted with the lens of the bystander; remaining safely in our seats and unable to tear away from Mills' kinesthetic interpretation of the atrocities at the core of what is unspeakable, a hailstorm of questions flooded the collective consciousness of Dell Hall. At this moment, it became clear that the message was not to be found only onstage but also in the house, where each of us had been forced into the position of witness. And it was startling.

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Dancing What's Overwhelming
The Austin Chronicle
March 30, 2012
by Robert Faires

No longer fueled by the peculiarly intense energy of creation (or the pressure of trying to get everything finished by opening), Light drew power from the certainty of the work's message and the way it would connect with audiences. Mills and his dancers - most of whom were not with the company when Light was first produced - delved into a work that was set, exploring it with confidence and forcefulness. Now, Light is clearly not an ambitious roll of the dice that landed luckily on the first throw but the mature work of a choreographer who invested all of himself - his larger beliefs as well as his talent and skills - in its creation, with the intent that it would endure. It does and feels as much like Mills' masterpiece as any choreographic work of his I've seen.

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Stand up for justice, no matter who's being denied their rights
Austin American-Statesman
March 23, 2012
by Steve Adler

This evening is an important - but small - part of a three-month project in which Ballet Austin is showing how art has the power to convene important community conversations, such as this one about hatred and bigotry. Through this extended ...

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Dancer finds renewal in a Holocaust ballet
Austin American-Statesman
March 22, 2012
by Jean Claire van Ryzin

Paul Michael Bloodgood performs in the 2005 production of Ballet Austin's 'Light/The Holocaust and Humanity Project.' Recently Ballet Austin officials ...

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A personal connection to a powerful project
Austin American-Statesman
March 21, 2012
by Kirk Rudy

Stephen Mills, the artistic director of Ballet Austin, and his colleagues Cookie Ruiz, Dr. Brent Hasty and Dr. Mary Lee Webeck conceived of a project to ...

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Fight ignorance and hatred it spawns
Austin American-Statesman
March 20, 2012
by Arnold Garcia / Statesman staff

You don't have to go far to find evidence of the deterioration of civility in public discourse. Politicians and pundits aren't at all shy about using the crudest of language to appeal to our coarsest emotions. Bullies now intimidate their prey...

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Theatre Action Project: Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project
Theatre Action Project
February 20, 2012
By Chelsea Gilman

TAP has a a new collaborative project going on, working with Ballet Austin and others on the Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project. About 150 Papier-mâché lanterns will be made, through community events and after school programs, 50 of which will be featured in the Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) event at Agudas Achim in the evening on April 19th.

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Project sheds light on human rights
Austin American-Statesman
March 1, 2012
By Ari Auber

When Cheryl Chaddick was in junior high, she learned about the atrocities of the Holocaust in one of her classes. She says the experience shook her to the core. So when Ballet Austin asked her dance company, the Chaddick Dance Theater, to participate in a three-month-long ballet and Holocaust education partnership, she agreed.

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Ballet Austin: One thousand points of 'Light'
The Austin Chronicle
January 27, 2012
By Robert Faires

Ballet Austin has once again turned on the Light, but this time it's even brighter - 50 times brighter... From Martin Luther King Jr. Day last week to Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) on April 19, hardly a day will go by in Austin without some event shining a light on human rights and social justice.

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Ballet teams up with play, exhibit, more for message
Austin American-Statesman
January 22, 2012
By Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

When "Light" debuted seven years ago, Mills and other Ballet Austin leaders never intended for the dance performance to exist on its own without a roster of adjunct opportunities for education and discussion about the importance of human rights. "We always imagined it being used as a convener of conversation, and any artist hopes that what they create has a life beyond its creation," Mills said. " 'Light' became a huge conversation. I don't think we understood at the time how large that conversation could be and still is."

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Ballet Austin travels to Holocaust Museum Houston
CultureMap Austin
December 15, 2011
By Nancy Wozny

As a cultural community effort involving a major ballet company, nothing rivals the depth and reach of this project. It has set the standard for how a ballet company can engage with its citizens and its leaders...

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Ballet Austin Holocaust & Humanity Project Brings Light to Central Texas
The Jewish Outlook
January 2012
By Tonyia Cone

"Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project tells the story of one survivor, a woman whose family was lost in the Holocaust. Through her courage, tenacity and great good fortune she endured the darkest period of history and now bravely tells her story to the world..."

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Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project in Austin 2005

Performance Media

Guiding Light - Ballet Austin aims to go deep
Pointe Magazine
August/September 2005
By Jocelyn Anderson

"People couldn't imagine how you would do a ballet about this subject matter and truthfully, it is almost an impossibility" says Stephen Mills, artistic director of Ballet Austin about creating Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project, an evening-length ballet he premiered in early April.

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Holocaust Dance Evokes Deep Emotion
Austin American-Statesman
April 7, 2005
By Sondra Lomax

Dancing about degradation, suffering and genocide sounds like fodder for a dodgy, R-rated movie. Not so in Ballet Austin's poignant Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project. Wisely avoiding clichés or...

Click here for the complete article

Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project
Austin Chronicle
April 8, 2005
By Robert Faires

No swastikas. No jackboots. No guns. No ghettos. No boxcars. No barbed wire. No showers. None of the images we have come to associate with...

Click here for the complete article

Ballet to Shine a Light on Intolerance
Austin American-Statesman
January 25, 2005
By Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks made Stephen Mills think hard about the ethical responsibilities of art.

"The intolerance and hatred we felt after the attacks horrified me" said Mills, artistic director of Ballet Austin "and there's still an underlying current of intolerance today that nobody wants to talk about." Today at Ballet Austin headquarters...

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Seeing the "Light" of tolerance - and hope
Austin American-Statesman
January 29, 2005

This community's attempt to get its collective arms around the concept of tolerance and the responsibility of artists to the world has sparked and unprecedented effort.

Stephen Mills, Ballet Austin's artistic director, accepted the task of...

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Coming together for social justice, awareness, tolerance
The Jewish Outlook
February 2005
By Tamara Cryer

An awakening is taking place in this city. Many Austinites have been moved to raise awareness of prejudice and social justice issues in hopes of bettering the world - starting with Austin. Some of the most organized participants in this endeavor have labeled their efforts "Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project", but the goings on toward the ultimate goal of promoting tolerance extend beyond that defined by any one group. The effort is a convergence of individuals and organizations across all lines of religion and ethnicity...

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"Light" Dawns in Austin
The Austin Chronicle
February 11, 2005
By Robert Faires

For six decades, survivors of the Holocaust have cried out, "Never Forget". But their message grows fainter as fewer and fewer of them survive to remind us. Many have wondered, as they pass on, who will take up their call and speak out against bigotry and hatred? This season Ballet Austin, and the College of Education at UT-Austin are adding their voices to the cause...

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Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project in Pittsburgh 2009

Pre-Performance Media

PBT dancers begin ‘unprecedented’ preparation for Shoa-themed ballet
The Jewish Chronicle
August 31, 2009
by Toby Tabachnick

An extraordinary ballet requires extraordinary preparation.

For “Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project,” that preparation began last Monday. Dancers with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre became an audience, viewing “Genocide,” the 1982 Academy Award winner for best documentary, produced by the Simon Wisenthal Center, and listening to Holocaust survivor Sam Weinreb recount his horrific experiences in Nazi-occupied Europe...

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Inspiration for ‘Light’ ballet recalls tale of survival
The Jewish Chronicle
October 7, 2009
by Toby Tabachnick

“Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project,” the centerpiece of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s 40th anniversary season, is divided into three parts, just as survivor Naomi Warren sees her own life: before the war, during the war and after the war.

“Light,” which premiered in Austin in 2005, was created by Stephen Mills, artistic director of Ballet Austin, and was inspired by Warren’s life. The PBT will perform it in Pittsburgh from Nov. 12 to 15, following a wide range of community events designed to promote dialogue about the Holocaust...

Click here for the complete article

Backstage at ‘Light’ rehearsal
The Jewish Chronicle
October 29, 2009
by Toby Tabachnick

Four men and four women stand in a line. One by one, they seem to be called out. They are each alone, but soon begin to define relationships with each other.

A circle is formed, growing in intensity. It may be the circle of life, or the 24 hours of a day, or the population of the camp growing...

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'Light' ballet traces the journey of Holocaust victim
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 11, 2009
By Sara Bauknecht

The centerpiece of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's 40th anniversary season is no classic about kings, queens or sugarplum fairies.

Instead, PBT has selected "Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project" to mark the 71st anniversary of Kristallnacht, the "night of broken glass," considered by many to be the beginning of the Holocaust. The production runs tomorrow through Sunday at the Byham Theater, Downtown...

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'Light' examines humanity beyond the Holocaust
November 8, 2009
By Mark Kanny, Classical Music Critic

Some experiences are more transformative than you expect. That's what Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's staff and dancers have been discovering as they ready for the local premiere of an acclaimed ballet about the Holocaust.

"We realized we were getting into something more than just a ballet. It's a community-wide event," executive director Harris Ferris says...

Click here for the complete article

Dance Magazine
November 2009
By: Kathleen McGuire

A far cry from fluffy fairytales, Stephen Mills' Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project challenges ballet to take on big issues. Ballet Austin's 2005 production is performed this month by Pittsburgh Ballet Theatere as the centerpiece of PBT's 40th anniversary season.

As it did for many artists, the events of September 11, 2001, left BA artistic director Mills looking to dance in order to work through his shock and grief. It was at this time that he met Naomi Warren, a Holocaust survivor living in Houston...

Click here for the complete article

Pittsburgh Ballet sheds 'Light' on Holocaust
The Pitt News
October 21, 2009
By Laura Nizlek

Partnering pirouettes and pliés with the historical background of the Holocaust, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre created a month-long series of events titled, “Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project,” to make sure that this infamous time in history is never forgotten.

By looking back at the Holocaust, Stephen Mills, the artistic director of Ballet Austin, hopes that people will “apply it ... and draw something out of it that is relevant to today...”

Click here for the complete article

Post-Performance Media

Holocaust ballet extracts beauty from tragedy
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 14, 2009
By Jane Vranish

We've been watching the collective "Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project" unfold in the Pittsburgh community over the past month as 19 local organizations participated in assorted panels, exhibits and performances that exposed a great human tragedy from all angles.

It came to a climax when the ballet that inspired this unprecedented collaborative atmosphere made its local debut at the Byham Theater Thursday night...

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Review: Wise choices make 'Light: The Holocaust' compelling dance
November 13, 2009

Choreographer Stephen Mills attempts the impossible, to deal with the incomprehensible, in his "Light: The Holocaust & Humanity Project" that Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre presented Thursday night. Performances continue through Sunday.

Mills is a smart artist. He took advantage of the opportunity to speak with Holocaust survivors to create a manageable perspective -- from, but not limited to, the experience of a single survivor -- for his 90-minute ballet...

Click here for the complete article

PBT, Holocaust Center have special opening night performance
November 15, 2009
By Kate Guerriero

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and the Holocaust Center of the United Jewish Federation raised the curtain for more than 300 during a special opening night performance of Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project at the Byham Theater on Thursday.

The largest collaborative project in PBT history, the concept stemmed from a casual conversation between PBT director Harris Ferris and HC prez Hal Waldman, an idea to turn a ballet into a community collaboration that soon garnered the support of Ballet Austin director Cookie Ruiz and Artistic Director Stephen Mills...

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Blog Features

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Embraces the Light: The Holocaust & Humanity Project
The Pittsburgh Art and Technology Blog
November 11, 2009
By:  K Chestney Harvey

This groundbreaking production is an important artistic work that explores the Universal themes of family, segregation, isolation, survival and the hope of the unconquerable human spirit.  Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel wrote, “some things are too large to write about, but nothing is too small.”

With this passage in mind, the ballet follows one person’s journey from suffering to salvation, telling the story through symbolic movement and choreography that is often stark, athletic and raw...

Click here for the complete article

Ballet Austin’s ‘Light’ impress in Pittsburgh
Austin American-Statesman
November 16, 2009
By Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

Ballet Austin artistic director Stephen Mills left Austin audiences breathless with ‘Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project’ in 2005.

This fall, Mills took his groundbreaking multimedia contemporary ballet that deftly re-visits the Holocaust to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre...

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