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Busy, Busy, Busy

All 640 of our students have a chance to show their dance prowess performing for their family and friends at the end of the year. The Creative Movement students have an informal showing in their classroom the last week of classes. Pre-ballet and Lower Level 1-3 students will be performing dances that their teachers are choreographing for them for their Academy Spring Presentations on May 22 in AVST.

Photo: Anne Marie Melendez

Our Upper School Young Artists will be performing on May 14th and 15 in pieces that Ashley Lynn Gilfix and Jaime Witts (company members) have choreographed for them for the Academy Spring Performance.  Included in the May performance is Stephen Mills’ Tarantella that Michelle Martin is setting on Levels 6, 7, and 8, and a Level 4A and 4B Young Artists piece choreographed by Libby James, an Academy teacher.

Faculty member Jennifer Hart is completing a rather ambitious project we are introducing this year for the Academy Spring Performance. Levels 4A, 4B, and 5 will be dancing to selections from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in a more formalized ballet piece than these younger students have done before.

Of course this means organizing the many schedules around these performances and making sure everyone has costumes to wear. There is also class work to keep up with, getting ready for conferences for the Upper School, writing evaluations for all Lower and Upper School students.  In addition, the Academy administration is getting everything ready for the Summer Camps and the onslaught of students coming from around the country for the Summer Intensives, finalizing the fall schedule, and soon will be putting together pre-registration packets for fall registration.

Oh my, speaking of Summer Intensive, I can’t imagine a busier time of year…

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