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Preparation, Pins, and Patience

With New American Talent/Dance finished and packed away, we brave wardrobe folks are embarking on our next adventure…Coppélia.

Our usually tidy and organized costume shop (and those of you who have seen it know exactly the high level of tidiness and organization I speak of) was an explosion of pins, fabric and pages of measurements. 

Fittings for a grand story ballet require a lot of preparation before going on an actual body.  Since this show is leased, we have to measure everything for sizes and sort them.  Curious as to how it all works?  Here’s a short blow by blow of our first two days of fittings…

Wednesday, Day 1
8:30 am – Arrive at work and sort 62 pair of rented boots by scene and size
10:30 am – Men’s fitting for Czardas/Mazurka boots
11 am – Make notes of all boots which need to go to the Austin Shoe Hospital for repairs
Noon – Boot and shoe fitting for Frank Shott and Paul Bloodgood
12:30 pm – Costume fitting for Phillip Ollenburg
1 pm – Costume fitting with Kirby Wallis
2 pm – Size all men’s costumes for fitting tomorrow morning
4 pm – go home

Thursday, Day 2
8:30 am – Arrive at work and size all women’s costumes for afternoon fitting
10:30 am – Fittings for all company men in Wedding and Mazurka scenes
12:30 pm – Fittings for all company women in Wedding and Mazurka scenes
2:30 pm – Fittings for apprentice company

And this, dear reader, is only the beginning!

For more information on Ballet Austin's Mother's Day Weekend production of Coppélia, click here.


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