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New American Talent/Dance Recap

Nelly van Bommel’s Fanfarnèta. Photo: Tony Spielberg.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for New American Talent/Dance, our biennial choreographic competition, over its two week run. It was an incredible experience showing three world premiere works from three immensely talented choreographers (KT Nelson, Nelly van Bommel, and Dominic Walsh). I was behind the scenes counting the audience votes and it was riveting every time—hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! And if you weren’t able to join us, check out more pictures below.

This year’s judges (Alicia Adams—Vice President of International Touring, Kennedy Center, Julie Nakagawa—Artistic Director/Co-founder, DanceWorks Chicago, and Paul Vasterling—Artistic Director, Nashville Ballet) joined us Saturday, March 27 to cast their votes, divvying up the $15,000 purse with equal $6,000 prizes going to Nelly van Bommel for her piece Fanfarnèta and to Dominic Walsh for his The Whistling. KT Nelson rounded out the winnings, receiving $3,000 for her work When Love is Hard.

But the audience had the final say each night, texting votes to decide the winner of a nightly $500 audience prize. For the first time in New American Talent/Dance history, all three choreographers won at least once. Here are the winners of the audience vote from each night:

Thursday, March 25, 7pm Dominic Walsh
Friday, March 26, 8pm Dominic Walsh
Saturday, March 27, 8pm Nelly van Bommel
Sunday, March 28, 3pm Dominic Walsh
Thursday, April 1, 7pm KT Nelson
Friday, April 2, 8pm Dominic Walsh
Saturday, April 3, 3pm Dominic Walsh
Saturday, April 3, 8pm Dominic Walsh
Sunday, April 4, 3pm Nelly van Bommel

KT Nelson’s When Love is Hard. Photo: Tony Spielberg

Dominic Walsh’s The Whistling. Photo: Tony Spielberg

Dominic Walsh’s The Whistling. Photo: Tony Spielberg

Nelly van Bommel’s Fanfarnèta. Photo: Tony Spielberg


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