Boot Camp - The Fastest Way to Fitness!
By Vicki Parsons, Managing Director of Schools

I am pretty committed when it comes to fitness, but when I arrive at work at 6:30 am and see a studio full of men and women jumping rope, jumping on trampolines, or doing crunches, I have a new definition of commitment. The participants in both the Cross Training Boot Camp and the Revamp Boot Camp, early morning at Ballet Austin’s Butler Community School, have fun, are challenged, and most importantly, get results.

I talked to Sarah about her experience in Revamp Boot Camp. She’s here at 6:00 am for every camp. “I have been a Boot Camp addict since it began,” Sarah told me. “I am not a morning person but I can do anything just two times a week. Those two days give me far more exercise than I would do on my own in five. Basically, Boot Camp just makes me feel good for the rest of the day!”

What are you doing to get moving? Fitness success is possible when you find something that makes your workouts fun. Cross Training Boot Camp and Revamp Boot Camp will get results and keep you moving in 2009!  Revamp Boot Camp is an intense twice-a-week 6:00am workout that gives you the deep burn you’ve been craving. In this fast-paced interval training class you will be pushed to your limit. Cross Training Boot Camp, is a lower impact once-a-week class, focusing on conditioning different muscles. A fun and interactive environment sets the tone for these great boot camps.

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