Stephen Mills' Cinderella
By Sandra Krempasky, Sales Director

When I first came to work in the Box Office at Ballet Austin in 1999, the company was presenting Stephen Mills’ Cinderella for the second time.  That season (1999/2000) Stephen created ballets featuring Jose Greco II to Ravel’s Bolero, Red Roses to the songs of Edith Piaf and My Wall of Names to Mozart’s Requiem. Contemporary works to powerful pieces of music. I knew that Stephen was a genius when I saw these ballets. These were the types of works I was used to seeing when I lived in Manhattan and was a subscriber to the New York City Ballet. 

Most of what I had seen in New York were not story ballets, so I was a little worried about Stephen and a full length fairy tale. I should have known better. Stephen’s treatment of Cinderella is perfect for adult and child alike. Full of humor for adults with all the magic for kids -- it’s perfect for everyone.

This Mother’s Day Weekend, Ballet Austin presents Cinderella for the fourth time since Stephen created it in 1998. It’s one of Ballet Austin’s all time best-selling ballets. To make sure that everyone who wants to see Cinderella can, we’ve added a fourth show. It’s a happy ending to our first season in The Long Center.

For more information on Ballet Austin's performance of Cinderella, click here.

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