A Dancer's Next Step
By Eugene Alvarez, Company Manager

As a former Ballet Austin dancer who left dance in search of his second career—only to finally find it years later back at Ballet Austin as Company Manager—I know firsthand the difficulty, awkwardness, and overwhelming nature of this life changing transition.  It happens to be a transition that is unavoidable for those of us whose next step isn’t teaching or choreographing. 

How incredibly fortunate we are now to have the Dancer Whole Life Project, which does just what the title implies.  Spearheaded by the compassionate efforts of one (now former) company dancer, Anthony Casati, a wide range of programs and providers help dancers explore their capabilities beyond what the mirror images in a ballet studio may reflect. Mentors, career counseling, medical resources, and a college program that awards credit for professional dance experience are all part of this project.

We know that dancers must devote SO much to a career that, for the huge majority, is SO short. When a company makes a project like the Dancer Whole Life Project as integral to their culture as plies and tendus, it speaks volumes to those seeking a place to work, grow, and thrive as an artist and as an individual.

Feel free to contact me or Executive Administrator, Barbara Shack, for more information.