Get Interactive
By Pei-San Brown, Community Education Director

The power of dance is amazing, especially when experienced live! But, because dance is momentary – it’s performed, and then it’s done – it’s hard to convey what the experience is like to others unless you can show them a little bit of it. This is where our new interactives project comes in.

Last season we hired an interactives expert to put together two of these fabulous educational, media-rich, experience-packed mini-websites for us. This resulted in our gorgeous Interpreting Contemporary Ballet and fun Cult of Color: Call to Color interactives.

This season, I thought it would be great to create an interactive for each of our productions, which would include video excerpts, production photos, and as much information about each production as I could gather (history, artist profiles, program notes, etc.). This turned out to be a much larger job than I had originally anticipated, as some of our productions include multiple works, and we just didn’t have the time to create multiple interactives for each production. But, we’ve been able to create at least one interactive for each performance this season, and I’m proud of the fact that we can now provide more multi-faceted and fun educational experiences for ticket holders and potential audience members! Interactives are great because they are beautiful, easy to access, and informative!

So far, my favorite production interactive is the one that we created for Hamlet. It’s so wonderful to have such gorgeous photos to illustrate the interactives!

Visit our Interactives Library to see them all!
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