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Behind the Scenes | The Ballet Austin Blog

When I started at Ballet Austin, I knew much more about blogs and facebook and new media than I knew about dance. A year and a half later, it’s safe to say that still may be the case (believe me, I’m working on it). But what I can at least lay claim to is a deep appreciation for the wonderful art form we foster here at Ballet Austin, one I continue to learn more and more about every day I step through the doors of the Butler Dance Education Center.

It’s in combining these two forces—new media and ballet—that I present to you something that has been brewing (at least in my head) since the day I started here: the Ballet Austin Blog. Since I’m no ballet expert, I’ve enlisted help from all corners of our organization to bring you updates and stories from the inner and outer workings of Ballet Austin—everything from behind-the-scenes peeks at our productions, to hip hop class videos, to snippets of what the dancers do when they’re not dancing.

You can follow the just-for-Academy-students ASSEMBLÉ series, or watch our recent Truth & Beauty / The Bach Project video blog series, which followed Artistic Director Stephen Mills as he conceived and created his latest world premiere work. And as we edge closer to the third biennial New American Talent/Dance, you’ll get to see and hear from the three acclaimed finalist choreographers on the blog before you ever step foot inside the AustinVentures StudioTheater.

Click here to check out the Ballet Austin Blog and stay tuned for videos, news, sneak peeks, and much more!


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