A Standing Ovation for Our Corporate Sponsors
By Christi Cuellar, Development Director

Each year at Ballet Austin, we count our blessings for all of our patrons, class-goers, and supporters. Over 25 corporate supporters make up nearly 20% of our fundraising goal each year and we are honored to have them as a part of our family. The support of our sponsors allows us to continue delivering on our ongoing promise of excellence, and also to showcase them through numerous marketing opportunities, as we continuously “get the word out” about Ballet Austin. Additionally, business development opportunities allow our corporate supporters to find new ways to value their employees and clients with performance tickets and discounts, cocktail receptions and parties, and use of many of our building facilities.

Board member and corporate sponsor Ava Late says, “We have enjoyed supporting Ballet Austin for several years. We look forward, each year, to the team’s innovative ideas which always put BMW of Austin in such a classy and energetic light.”

Corporate sponsorships are available at many levels, and we tailor benefits packages to the needs of each sponsor. We thank each and every one of our 2008/09 corporate sponsors for their support! Click here to see a full listing of our sponsors.

Don’t forget that there are many ways to support Ballet Austin! Use #3834 at Randall’s for 1% of your purchase amount to be donated to Ballet Austin, and go to when you need a search engine and they will also donate to Ballet Austin!

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