Resolve to Move in 2009
By Vicki Parsons, Managing Director of Schools

Resolution: Get Fit in 2009! Resolutions began in 153 B.C in Rome when Janus, a mythical king with two faces would look back on his past year and forward to the future. We still do that today. Every year people resolve to improve their health and fitness, but good intentions get derailed quickly. Why? Because people wait for motivation before getting started. Psychiatrist Hinda Dubin says this approach is backwards. “Get started immediately with something fun. Action precedes motivation, not the other way around."  In other words, instead of waiting for inspiration to act on your goals, take action first! Inspiration will follow. Butler Community School students have found that to be true. Here are a few shared resolutions:

Erika: “Take as many Broadway Fit classes as possible. Broadway Fit deserves all the credit for my good mood on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”
Suzanne: “I have not had success motivating myself to be active. I get bored. Taking Ballet at the Community School, I come away feeling like I just spent an hour having fun rather than "working out".”
Laura: "Take dance! Great physical exercise and rewards like mental agility, concentration, and strength.”
Rachel: “I would much rather take a ballet or modern dance than spend an hour on the treadmill at my gym!”
Lena: “Attend Ballet Fit classes each week. Mr. Easley is a great teacher and makes us laugh, even when he is torturing us!”
Sandra: “My resolution is not about weight; it’s about dropping down 2 dress sizes. With Pilates, I can get there.”
Callie: “Wow! Where do I start? Fitness while having fun at BCS? What could be easier for a resolution? Just go!”

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