Fête*ish ‘09 at The Austonian
By Marshall Jones, Ballet Austin Board Member and Chair of Fête*ish ‘09

What is a Fête*ish? Something you dream about? Something you indulge in? Something you crave or desire? At Ballet Austin, Fête*ish is the spectacular beginning to an elegant end. It’s the scratch on a record; the tickle of your fancy; a wink and a nod to things you want, but maybe shouldn’t… but on September 12, you definitely should.

From Fête’s feathered swans and a touch of class… Fête*ish will take us to the 10th floor of The Austonian for feathered boas and lots of sass. I have been asked to help create this event, which will shake up our annual fundraiser as well as cast a wider net to Austin’s powerful young professional set that loves this city and supporting those things that make us Austin. My committee is an eclectic team of some of the most connected and passionate young people in town and we are about to throw an urban party that will have people talking… and better yet, talking about Ballet Austin!

By now you’ve heard about Fête ’09 at The Austonian which by all accounts is sure to sell out. Whether you choose to join me at Fête, Fête*ish or both, I can promise you an evening to remember. Fête*ish will start at nine o’clock and will offer themed Fete*ish salons and raffles, decadent bites, fun cocktails by Twin Liquors, non-stop unique entertainment, and a surprise around every corner.

My team’s goal is to sell out the 300 Fête*ish tickets by July 31. Ambitious? Maybe. Will we do it? Absolutely.

Curious? Of course you are. Click here to join us.

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