Hot weather is NO excuse!
By Vicki Parsons, Managing Director of Schools

Fitness is important to me, and I like to run, but just walking outside to get the paper this morning, there seemed to be no easy way to breathe the thick, humid air.  Was there even any oxygen? No way was I going to go for a run in this hot, humid weather!

Besides, my already wavy hair expanded another foot just from the short walk! The heat is always a factor in Texas during the summer. While many of us can adjust to the humidity and heat, there are days we should avoid exerting ourselves today…and maybe tomorrow. When it’s hot, exercising is the last thing you feel like doing, but when there is an indoor option for fitness, with as many choices as the Butler Community School has to offer, there are no more excuses! The key is to make indoor workouts interesting and fun.

Cardio? Stretch? Dance? Jump rope? Early morning? Late night? Whatever time of day it is, if it’s hot outside, there’s a class or workout for you at the Butler Community School. Attend a fast-paced, early morning boot camp or schedule your time on a reformer in the Pilates Studio. Yoga is offered two afternoons a week. There’s Hula, Hip Hop, Broadway Fit and Ballet Fit. The list goes on. Dance and fitness for everyone…all ages, all levels. Plan your summer fitness to beat the effects of extreme heat, and have fun while doing it.  Chill out at the Community School this summer!

For more information on Butler Community School Classes, click here.

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