Connect With Us
By Adam Rasmus, Manager of Marketing Integration

As a gen-Y kid, I grew up surrounded by all sorts of electronic communication: Instant Messaging on AOL and text messaging all the way through Facebook wall-posting and most recently tweeting on Twitter. It has all just been part of my natural habitat.

As I started at Ballet Austin last September, I was excited to use these skills to get our organization out there in as many ways as possible. I’ve had to recalibrate a bit, as it has been quite a challenge managing all of our web content, from our website, e-mails, and online ad campaigns to our social networking and this newsletter. But it has been rewarding in so many ways, as all of these new media avenues allow us to connect with you, the students and audience members, patrons and fans of dance, in many new and exciting ways. And the most exciting part for me is that I get to converse with so many of you through all these different sites and methods.

We have pages on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, as well as a YouTube channel. I update all of these pages daily with fresh content: links to everything from insider information about upcoming performances, classes and events, to dance news and videos, to snippets of cool stuff going on in Austin. And the best part is that you can talk back to us on all these sites and let us know what you think. Also, a little sneak preview: we have a brand new blog in the works, so we’ll soon be bringing you even more exciting content. Feel free to drop us a tweet or a wall-post or a message, and stay tuned for the launch of the blog!


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