What do TEKS have to do with ballet?
By Pei-San Brown, Community Education Director

What do Build-a-Ballet, The Nutcracker School Shows, Docents, and ArtsBlitz have in common? Most people are surprised to find out that these Community Education programs meet or exceed specific TEKS guidelines for elementary level Music, Theatre, English Language Arts and Reading, Science, and Social Studies. In fact, many Austin area teachers choose Ballet Austin educational programming for their students because our materials are so rich and their students learn so much during just a single session with us.

Why do our programs meet so many of the TEKS guidelines? Do we create programming to meet TEKS? Actually, we don’t create programs specifically based on TEKS, but we have found that by linking our educational curricula to TEKS, we make it easier for teachers who want to provide their students with these types of educational experiences to justify the time and money spent engaging their students in them. We also make it more attractive for sponsors who want to fund these programs by providing them with commonly understood quantifiable ways in which our curricula benefit students.

But meeting TEKS guidelines are just a byproduct of the high quality, fun, and interactive educational programming that Ballet Austin offers to the community. No one needs to understand TEKS to know that when they’ve left one of our educational programs they feel a deeper connection to and understanding of the art form, and that they’ve had the opportunity to observe a small part of the creative process. That’s what true education is about.

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