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This Fête’s a Sure Bet

Today I asked Linda to tell me which party out of all the ones we’ve been to in the 34 years we’ve been married stands out as the best.  She didn’t think ten (maybe 12) seconds before she said, “Dean McWilliams’ surprise fortieth birthday party that Andrea threw for him.” I had already come up with that answer myself, but I wanted to hear the same thing from her with no prompting.

Is it any wonder why we jumped on Ballet Austin’s Fête10 as soon as they announced the date and the news that Andrea McWilliams has her beautifully-manicured hands on the wheel? This woman can throw a party, y’all. Perle Mesta? She had her reign. Truman Capote? So yesterday.

And with the blue ribbon committee she has behind her, let me tell you, this gala is one Austin’s social poobahs will be speaking about in hushed reverence for years to come.

As for our tickets, did we even hesitate about going soup to nuts and spring for our tickets for “A Dinner to Dazzle”? No way! It took me a few easy e-mails and phone calls and we had a dinner table put together. In fact, one of our tablemates has already sent the rest of us a list of suggested themes centering around “ten.”

Development Director Christi Cuellar tells me there are only a couple of tables left. This is a no-brainer. Join us—get your seats before they’re gone. Of course, there are other ticket prices available, and to get more details, you can click here or call Christi Cuellar at 476-9151, ext 124.  We’ll all be having fun to the Power of Fête10!

For more information about Fête10, click here.


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