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The Summer Ballet Rush

Summer is upon us and so is the soon-to-be rush of the Summer Intensive students from Ballet Austin!  They come in from all over the country, and are in town for 3-6 weeks each year.  So we prep-up and get ready for the rush the students bring us during the June/July months. 

One big part of preparing is getting our staff ready!  Hiring a few extra people, ordering extra supplies and food, and making sure my store is extra organized are my top priorities the weeks leading up to their arrival.  It is one of our busiest times of the year.

If you see me out and about around this time of year, you'll know I'm running errands to prepare for our favorite kids coming back into town. They are great for my business, and my staff and I love seeing them smile when they come to Froots!

For more information about Ballet Austin's Summer Intensive, click here.


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