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Regroup and Relax (well, not quite)

Summer is always an eventful time for me and I love staying busy and broadening my skills. This summer is no exception.

During the last several weeks I have been working on choreography for a new Austin collaboration known as the Califa Arts Collaborative. I have had the opportunity to work with many of Ballet Austin’s Company members as well as wonderful musicians and a visual artist known by the name of Caroline Wright. This project has been extremely rewarding, and I greatly appreciate the gift of rehearsal space that Ballet Austin has provided me as well as the mentoring I have received from Artistic Director Stephen Mills.

Also on the agenda for my summer is an online course at St. Edward’s University. I started just a couple weeks ago and I love the course material. I will be visiting my family and my husband who is working in California, and the online option gives me the flexibility I need to do that. The class will help me reach the finish line for my degree with St. Edward’s University. I have two more courses in the fall and I have already submitted my intent to graduate for December 10, 2010. I will be the second student of the first Ballet Austin/St. Edward’s Cohort to graduate, following in the footsteps of retired Company dancer Tony Casati.

Through my participation in the dance and fitness community, I was recently selected as a Lululemon Ambassador. Ambassadors are chosen by the Lululemon Company and are usually teachers or role models who are helping to create a healthier and more fit community. I just held my ambassador event there a week ago and it was wonderful to teach and encourage the students to move and have fun with yoga and dance.

I will also be teaching in the second session of the Summer Intensive at Ballet Austin, as well as teaching yoga at the Butler Community School.

Definitely come check out one of my yoga classes, and don’t worry if you are a beginner because everyone’s practice is different and it is just wonderful to move, breathe, and challenge the body and mind.

For more information on Michelle's Yoga classes, click here.


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