Songs of Innuendo
By Michelle Thompson, Company Dancer

I am thrilled to be involved in Stephen Mills' Songs of Innuendo premiere. The piece is composed of four duets and two quartets. I am currently dancing with Frank Shott and I am having a blast.

The movement is fun, fresh, sexy, and challenging. During the process we have created some really unique partnering, and at times I find myself trying something with Stephen and I end up taking him down to the floor. We have a good laugh and then we get back to business. It is exciting to create new movement and try everything. A lot of questions begin with Is it possible...? or What if...? At the beginning stages of a piece there are no right answers and the possibilities are endless.

The music for this project is going to be a crowd favorite. I have been dancing to Ray Charles and  James Brown. The first time I heard James Brown's Get Up, also known as Sex Machine, I was five years old dancing in my parents' living room. I didn't know what all the words meant, but I knew I liked the rhythm and his voice. Now, as a professional dancer I love getting the opportunity to dance to this incredibly fun music. Plus, now I know what the words mean and I like them too.

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