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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

It’s bad enough when a chin starts to grow another chin, or when a second stomach overlaps the original, but when upper arms start waving like flags, it’s just too much to take! You know the kind of arms I’m talking about; arms that when you wave, you can see them jiggle underneath. When did this happen and where did it come from? I like jell-o, but not to wear! I guess I can resort to baggy long sleeve sweaters year-round, but last summer Austin experienced 67 days of triple-digit temperatures. Sweaters don’t work so well in Austin heat. And really…let’s face it…we all want to be fit!  We want to look and feel good.

What if I told you there is a class that works and tones those arms and abs? Well, I am telling you! The Butler Community School has lots of dance and fitness classes to get the job done, but one class in particular is the March BCS Class of the Month.

Arms & Abs is a quick and fun mid-week class for toning and firming the muscles in your arms and abs. Summertime is fast approaching! If you want to look and feel great this year at the pool or beach, or just want to be able to put the baggy sweater away, now is the time to get started. Learn exercises you can do at home, and you are on your way to feeling good and looking great.

Just think…when you hear the phrase "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On" you’ll know they’re talking about the1957 rock and roll hit by Jerry Lee Lewis, and not your arms or abs!

Click here for more information about the March BCS Class of the Month Arms & Abs.

Click here for more dance and fitness classes.

Coming in April: April BCS Classes of the Month will be Broadway Jazz and Theatre Dance.


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