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Biking and Ballet

My name is James and I am a Ballet fit junkie. I started going to Ballet fit to fullfill a long lost love of dance. I was a lyrical jazz dancer in my early 20s and had put that part of my life to rest (or so I thought). Greg Easley invited me to join the fun and challenge myself in ballet fit to jump start my fitness routine. Almost two years later I am still going strong.

A few years back I got on a bike and started peddling in fund raising bicycle tours around Texas. I rode a few tours before finding The Hill Country Ride for AIDS. It is a great cause and size of ride where you feel like part of a family. Fitness and helping my community have come together. 

Chris Han (a ballet fitter), Ballet Austin, and myself partnered to form Ballet Austin's first bike team to raise money for AIDS Services of Austin. The arts have lost so many bright lights to AIDS. I invite you to join us by emailing Lance at Ballet Austin. The ride is very well supported so novices are welcome. April 24th, 2010. All those that join the Ballet Austin team will receive a free cycling jersey. Bicycles and tutus will join together to bring hope to the people in Austin living with HIV/AIDS.


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