The Lights Go Up
By Billie Buddenhagen, Facilities Director

There’s no doubt that we are fortunate to have a state of the art dance facility, but many people don’t realize that our facility can function as many other things: a venue for concerts, a space for corporate seminars, a venue for theatre performances, or a setting for your special celebration.

Renting our facility for these outside events gives me the opportunity to expose Ballet Austin to individuals that may not ordinarily visit our facility.  It has become a wonderful means to bridge the gap between corporate seminars and dance. Many of these individuals are eager to learn, so while these guests are in the building, I take the opportunity to share information about our Schools, Pilates Center, and Company. I make sure that everyone leaves the building having learned something about our organization.

I believe corporate professionals enjoy using our facility because they consider us as an escape from their normal business environment into our professional creative environment. For example, in the Thornton Community Board Room, we’ve hosted a reception for an Author’s book signing, a professional life coaching seminar, panel discussions and cocktail receptions, just to name a few. Simultaneously, I can book other areas in the building without conflicting events. One weekend I had Disney Entertainment Auditions booked in the Armstrong/Connelly Studio while Chaddick Dance Company rehearsals were taking place in AdlerLand and a Ballerina Birthday Party was held in Kodosky Studio and City View Lounge. It is such a thrill to have the events taking place simultaneously and still have room for more. 

I am amazed at the creativity that individuals bring to their unique events held at our facility. We can hold a black tie gala one night and a trendy reception the next, which is what I think makes our facility one of the most unique in the Austin area. As the last class of the day ends, the lights come up in Ballet Austin.

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