Time for Coffee?
By Vicki Parsons, Managing Director of Schools
I just passed my first decade of working for Ballet Austin. I work for the Schools; Ballet Austin Academy and the Butler Community School. I thought this would be a good time to share my favorite things about a day in the life of our office - two schools, one location, over 130 classes each week, never a dull moment.

6:30am – Pilates reformers clanking through the vents, Boot Campers jumping rope, I’d love a cup of coffee. Coffee can wait. Emails cannot. Only 100 this morning. Air conditioner just kicked on; must be 7:00am. Too early to return voicemails.

Questions. We love the questions; by email, phone, fax, face to face. 600 Academy children and their parents. 2000 Butler Community School students.

Classes. Creative Movement dressed in pink, dreaming of tutus. Hip Hop dressed in funk. Hoodies. Jazz shoes, tap shoes, sneakers, ballet shoes, tiny feet, bare feet. Classical Ballet, Broadway, modern, ballet fit, hula, yoga. On stage; off stage.

Mats for Pilates, blankets for Feldenkrais®, Power Wheels for Boot Camp, trampolines, thera-bands, ballet barres, scarves and colored hoops.
Would still love coffee. Coffee can wait. Customers can’t. Love the people! Three year olds, 90 year olds, college students; love the students!  Punch the elevator button, punch a class-card, search for a lost ballet slipper, search for a studio.

School year ends. No, it just begins. Two Schools. People! People of all ages; people smiling, dancing, working out, waiting, laughing, dreaming.

Never a dull moment. Love it. Time for coffee.

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